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Read the passage carefully. Then choose the correct answer.
Holidays can bring about conflicting feelings such as happiness, anxiety and joy. Some people thrive on planning and getting the best travel deals. Others find planning a holiday an intimidating task. They would rather opt for professional services via travel agencies and/or purchasing ready-made tour packages. Here are some tips for travellers to ensure they have a memorable holiday.

First, travellers should know that a major success in planning a good holiday is deciding the type of holiday they desire. Some travellers dream of beach holidays while others opt for city breaks. There are holidaymakers who choose reliable tour packages rather than the more adventurous independent travel. If travelling with companions, it is wise to discuss travel plans with them. This is because different people have different preferences and expectations. It is advisable to ensure that the itinerary caters to the expectations of travel companions so that everyone has an enjoyable trip.

Second, travellers need to be well informed of the best travel deals. They need to enquire and do research and get information about deals from various sources. Attending travel fairs to get bargain prices for tickets and accommodation is a good start. The MATTA Fair, for example, is well-known for its great travel bargains. Travellers also need to religiously check airplane websites so as to be informed of travel promotions. In addition, surfing websites like kayak dotcom and attitudetravel dotcom also informs travellers of the best deals on plane fares.

Travellers can also organise their trip using travel and planning websites like tripit dotcom, goplanit dotcom and tripwiser dotcom so that they won't be overwhelmed by a lot of planning and information. These websites also advise travellers to print out and keep safely itineraries, reservations and other important information to show customs officers of countries they visit when asked to show proof of travel.

Next, it is a good idea to religiously check the validity of travel documents such as passports and visas. A traveller is not permitted to enter another country if his/her passport expiration date is less than six months. Have copies of these relevant documents in your hand luggage and/or handbags in case the documents are lost or stolen.

Another important tip is to get a guidebook and a phrase book. Travellers are advised to read about the destinations and places of interest they intend to visit. They also need to heed the advice of visitors and talk to people who have visited these places so that they are better informed of what to expect and what to bring. They can also check reputable travel forums such as tripadvisor and VirtualTourist for required information. The phrase book will help travellers know a few local words with which to converse with the locals in their language which is not only polite but gives the traveller an edge.

It is advisable for travellers to change some money into local currency. This is because arriving late at night does not give travellers the opportunity to change their money to local currency. Local currency is needed to pay for bus fare, ticket fare and perhaps the hotel. Certain small hotels and guesthouses do not accept credit cards as payment is to be made in their local currency.

Investing in travel insurance is a must. Most travellers often forget to purchase travel insurance and get into difficulties. Travel insurance is important when they fall sick, lose their luggage or when flights are delayed. Medical expenses can be expensive in foreign countries. Therefore travellers are advised to invest in appropriate travel insurance.

In conclusion, experienced travellers know most perfect holidays are never perfect. A memorable holiday doesn't depend on whether travellers choose to travel on their own or decide to join tour packages. A lot depends on what actually happens during the holiday. Armed with these travel trips, would-be travellers can now confidently pack their suitcases and enjoy the holiday they have been dreaming about.

    Using contextual clues, find a word with the same meaning as the following words from the passage.
  1. This ( paragraph II )
  2. its ( paragraph III )
  3. their ( paragraph VII )
  4. they ( paragraph VIII )
    Answer the questions below based on the passage.
  1. Why is it important to have local currency in hand once you are at your holiday destination ?
  2. Give two reasons why travellers are advised to purchase travel insurance.
  3. For each of the following statements, state whether it is a Fact or an Opinion. Write "F" for a Fact and "O" for an Opinion

a) Others find planning a holiday an intimidating task. ( Paragraph I )

b) A traveller is not permitted to enter another country if his/her passport expiration date is less than six months. ( Paragraph V )

c) .... check reputable travel forums such as tripadvisor and VirtualTourist for required information. ( Paragraph VI )

d) Certain small hotels and guesthouses do not accept credit cards as payment is to be made in their local currency. ( Paragraph VII )

  4. Give a suitable title for this passage
  5. 'If travelling with companions, it is wise to discuss travel plans with them.' ( paragraph II ). What does the writer mean by this statement ?
  6. In your opinion, what other measures can be taken to ensure a great holiday besides the tips listed in this passage ? List two possible measures.
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1.   discussing travel plans thoroughly with travelling companions
2.   Matta Fair's
3.   travellers'
4.   travellers
1.   Because you might need to pay bus fare, accommodation, food and other necessities in the local currency.
2   First, medical expenses can be expensive in foreign countries. Second, loss of luggage and delayed flights can cause additional travel costs.
3.   a) Opinion  b) Fact  c) Opinion  d) Fact
4.   'Tips for a great holiday' (Accept other logical answers)
5.   It is wise for those who travel with other people to talk about their itinerary so that everyone will be satisfied with the plan and enjoy the holiday.

a) Travel with people who share similar interests.

b) Invest in a sturdy luggage

(Accept other logical answers)


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