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Common Errors


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Incorrect I have a good news for you.
Correct I have good news for you
Incorrect The men are national beings.
Correct Men are national beings.
Incorrect The boys leave the school at four o'clock.
Correct The boys leave school at four o'clock.
Incorrect He sent a word that he would come soon.
Correct He sent word that he would come soon.
Incorrect I have read the Shakespeare's Macbeth.
Correct I have read Shakespeare's Macbeth
Incorrect You cannot set a foot in this house.
Correct You cannot set foot in this house.
Incorrect The envy is an evil passion.
Correct Envy is an evil passion.
Incorrect He has not yet gone to the bed.
Correct He has not yet gone to bed.
Incorrect He is Daniel in judgment.
Correct He is a Daniel in judgment.
Incorrect He made very wise decision.
Correct He made a very wise decision.
Incorrect Fire broke out in our village.
Correct A fire broke out in our village.
Incorrect Andamans are a group of islands.
Correct The Andamans are a group of islands.

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