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Common Errors


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Incorrect I seldom go to theatre.
Correct I seldom go to the theatre.
Incorrect Smiths invited me to a dinner.
Correct The Smiths invited me to a dinner.
Note : It is a common practice in English to use a family name to refer to a certain family and its members. Such a family name mus tbe pluralized and preceded by the definite article the.
Incorrect Uncle's advice is great significance.
Correct Uncle's advice is of great significance.
Incorrect The judge has decided the case.
Correct The judge has decided upon the case.
Incorrect Do you want to try my new car ?
Correct Do you want to try out my new car ?
Incorrect I enjoyed during the holidays.
Correct I enjoyed myself during the holidays.
Incorrect Mary felt sorry about the matter but she did not voice.
Correct Mary felt sorry about the matter but she did not voice it.
Incorrect Many people in the past died from malaria.
Correct Many people in the past died of malaria.
Incorrect We were astonished by his sudden resignation.
Correct We were astonished at his sudden resignation.
Incorrect He took his girlfriend in the hand.
Correct He took his girlfriend by the hand.

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