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Common Errors


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Incorrect His room's windows are open.
Correct The windows of his room are open.
Incorrect It is everybody's duty to defend their country.
Correct It is everybody's duty to defend his country.
Incorrect Either of them are to go.
Correct Either of them is to go.
Incorrect More police was sent to the scene of the crime.
Correct More police were sent to the scene of the crime.
Note : The noun police is singular in form but plural in sense.
Incorrect Mary pretended to not recognize me.
Correct Mary pretended not to recognize me.
Incorrect She neither speaks English nor Malay.
Correct She speaks neither English nor Malay.
Incorrect Only I and my friend were at the concert.
Correct Only my friend and I were at the concert.
Incorrect There is a dirty mark on the rug which must be removed.
Correct On the rug, there is a dirty mark which must be removed.
Incorrect Lizzie approached me and held my hand, said, "Hello !"
Correct Lizzie approached me, held my hand, and said, "Hello !"
Incorrect The climate of Japan is different from Taiwan.
Correct The climate of Japan is different from that of Taiwan.

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