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Common Errors


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Incorrect He succeeded to get the prize.
Correct He succeeded in getting the prize.
Incorrect The students were busy to prepare their lessons.
Correct The students were busy preparing their lessons.
Incorrect Please tell him don't come now.
Correct Please tell him not to come now.
Incorrect I saw them to work.
Correct I saw them work.
Incorrect You had better to go now.
Correct You had better go now.
Incorrect The country is belonged to every citizen.
Correct The country belongs to every citizen.
  Note : Verbs like belong, happen, occur etc. are not used in the passive voice.
Incorrect Water composes of hydrogen and oxygen.
Correct Water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen.
Incorrect Shelley looks cheerfully.
Correct Shelley looks cheerful.
Incorrect I didn't see him too.
Correct I didn't see him either.
Note : In English, the adverbs also and too appear in affirmative sentences. The adverb either appears at the end of negative sentences.
Incorrect She bought a new scissors.
Correct She bought a new pair of scissors

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