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Common Errors


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Are you investing on stock market ?  

Correct Are you investing in the stock market ?
Incorrect I am difficult to learn English.

It is difficult for me to learn English.

Incorrect We have full off and half off on Sunday.
Correct We are given the option to work either full or half day on Sunday.
Incorrect In fact, Billy really owns some personality to be a VIP.  
Correct In fact, Billy really has what it takes to be a VIP.

China is coming into rainy weather.  

Correct China is in rainy season now.

All these three cities are similar warm as Malaysia.

Correct All three of these cities are as warm as Malaysia.

What time of a day now in your country ?

Correct What is the time now in your country ?
Incorrect Comes to think of it, it sounds right !  
Correct Come to think of it, it does sound right !
Incorrect You can try it more ..........
Correct You can try a few times ...........  
Incorrect He went to abroad to further his study.  
Correct He went abroad to further his study.
Incorrect Today, I'll wash my cat.

I'll give my cat a bath today.


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