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Ballistic : Ecks Vs. Sever

Your most dangerous enemies are the friends you've double-crossed. Jeremiah Ecks is a washed-up former FBI agent who spends his time mourning the loss of his deceased wife.

Sever is a lethal ex-agent for the Defence Intelligence Agency who has lost her child in an attack. Both of these agents have a common enemy in Gant, a ruthless DIA agent.

Gant has two problems -- his only child has been kidnapped by Sever, and a miniature secret weapon that is small enough to fit inside a person's artery undetected has been stolen.

When Ecks finds out that his wife may still be alive, he scrambles in a desperate attempt to find her. Sever attempts to exact revenge upon Gant who is responsible for killing her child. Soon the sparks will fly as Ecks and Sever lock horns in a barrage of bombs and explosions !

double-cross   If someone you trust double-crosses you, they do something which harms you instead of doing something they had promised to do
washed up   If you say that someone is washed up, you mean that they are at the end of their career with no prospects for the future.
lock horns   If two people lock horns, they argue about something.
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