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The warlords

ONE of the most anticipated films of the (past?) decade definitely lives up to expectations. One has to remember, of course, the expectations for the film was purely technical as director James Cameron (Titanic, Terminator) wanted to create an alien world as real as CGI would allow, as well as give the audience the experience of being right there as well. Hence, the 3D.

Having watched the film in 2D, I can't very well say anything of the 3D, but as far as the CGI is concerned, it is breathtaking and the alien world, along with its flora and fauna, qualifies for a Discovery documentary. A very good step taken by the filmmakers was to inject more science than sci-fi into this rather eventful film.

The story, while not wholly original nor does it raise the bar as far as storytelling goes, is compelling enough that you don't really realise you've been watching a film for slightly under three hours.

It's a tale of love, oppression, identity, rising above institutions and expectations, and fighting the good fight and winning it. This film is best watched in the cinema because the devil is in the details, and the details here are simply out of this world (no pun intended).

flora and fauna   The flora and fauna of a place are its plants and animals.
eventful   full of interesting or important events
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The Warlords



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