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  Ballistic : Ecks Vs. Sever Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade  
  Matrix Reloaded The Ring  
  Road to Perdition 21 grams  
  About A Boy Owning Mahowny  
  Raiders of the Lost Ark Mr Deeds  
  Matchstick Men Last Man Standing  
  The 25th hour Pirates of the Caribbean  
  Far from heaven Down with Love  
  Extreme measures The Phantom  
  Mary Shelley's Frankenstein My Home in Umbria  
  Mission Impossible Flashdance  
  The cradle of Life Identity  
  Elektra Tears of the Sun  
  Life or something like it Miss Match  
  The Princess Diaries Sabrina  
  Gigli Lord of the Rings  
  Gattaca The Devil's Own  
  Star Trek Nemesis Nine months  
  Swimfan Intolerable Cruelty  
  Empire Bulletproof  
  Insomnia A murder of crows  
  Just married Me Myself and Irene  
  Anger management Her alibi  
  Hulk Undefeated  
  Conspircy Theory Nutty professor - The Klumps  
  Lost in Translation Alex & Emma  
  Ghost ship Agent Cody Banks  
  The Transporter Mystic River  
  Starship Troopers Le Divorce  
  The Cat in the Hat U-turn  
  I Spy Panic room  
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