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Common Errors


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Incorrect The clock has struck five hours.
Correct The clock has struck five.
Incorrect There is no place in the hall.
Correct There is no room in the hall.
Incorrect Little thing has been done.
Correct Little has been done.
Incorrect We have an urgent business.
Correct We have an urgent piece of business.
Incorrect He came by the 4:30 o'clock train.

He came by the 4:30 train.

Incorrect He left the place with his belonging goods.

He left the place with his goods.

Incorrect He absented from the school yesterday.

He absented himself from the school yesterday.

Incorrect He availed of the opportunity.

He availed himself of the opportunity.

Incorrect Don't pride on your victory.
Correct Don't pride yourself on your victory.
Incorrect The girl wants to get herself married.
Correct The girl wants to get married.
Incorrect The climate of India is hotter than England.
Correct The climate of India is hotter than that of England.
Incorrect Everybody will get their share.
Correct Everybody will get his share.

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