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Common Errors


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Incorrect How much is the temperature?
Correct What is the temperature ?
Incorrect Don't feel anger with me !!! I'm just kidding.
Correct Don't be mad at me !!! I'm just kidding.
Incorrect Kitty,  your honey was left just now because I told him you will coming soon.
Correct Kitty, your honey has just left as I told him you would be coming soon.
Incorrect I am a Chinese and have been abroad 10 years.
Correct I am Chinese and have been in abroad for 10 years.
Incorrect OK, tell me how does he like ?
Correct OK, tell me what he looks like ?
Incorrect I think you should go to abroad find a job make your life a little bit changed. 
Correct I think you should go abroad to find a job and make your life a little bit different for a change.
Incorrect Lilian is living far away with China.
Correct Lilian is living far away from China.
Incorrect I am sure not even one man can control himself if he meet this kind of situation.
Correct I doubt that there is even one man who can control himself in this situation.
Incorrect Are you a saler,  Alvin ?
Correct Are you a salesman, Alvin ?
Incorrect The team bring a lot of happy for football fan in the world but now I doubtful them.
Correct The team used to bring a lot of fun to the soccer fans in the world but I am doubtful of them now.
Incorrect Which kind of car ?
Correct What type of car ?

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