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Common Errors


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Incorrect I like to play the football.
Correct I like to play football.
Incorrect The blue is my favorite color.
Correct Blue is my favorite color.
Incorrect Mary went shopping on the Saturday.
Correct Mary went shopping on Saturday.

Note : When seasons, months or days are specified, they are preceded by the definite article.

In the winter of 1976 she met with an accident.

I shall be going to the States in the fall.

Incorrect The dogs are faithful animals.

Dogs are faithful animals.

Incorrect She has not answered to his question.

She has not answered his question.

Incorrect We had a meeting in this afternoon.

We had a meeting this afternoon.

Note : With the, the preposition in is used.

I work best in the morning.

He will be back in the afternoon.

Incorrect My sister she is at school.

My sister is at school.

Note : In speaking, one may sometimes repeat the subject for emphasis, but such a construction normally occurs in this type of sentence.

You people must come earlier tomorrow.

Incorrect The company, having finished the construction project, it received its pay.

The company, having finished the construction project, received its pay.

Incorrect The hunter took aim and then he shot the boar.

The hunter took aim and then shot the boar.

Incorrect I bought a story book to read it.

I bought a story book to read.


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