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Common Errors


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Incorrect I think your express will have a little difficult, but that is a lucky thing, I can understand you. 
Correct I think you have difficulty in expressing your idea. Luckily, I can understand you.
Incorrect How are you this week ?
Correct How have you been this week ?
Incorrect I know you are good in computer and English.
Correct I know you are good at computers/computing and English.
Incorrect I think your qualification will surely make you open a computer or English training center.
Correct I think you can open up a computer or English training center with your qualifications.
Incorrect I am no exceptional.
Correct I am no exception.
Incorrect My telephone conversation with you for past one and half week has made me feel you as a very firm character.
Correct Having telephoned with you for one week, I think you have a very firm/strong character.
Incorrect It is easy or not get visa?
Correct Is it easy to get visa ? 
Incorrect I wonder why are you keep study after graduated high school ?
Correct I wonder why you keep studying after graduation from high school ?
Incorrect He will be great help for you.
Correct He will be of great help to you.
Incorrect Am I a simple girl and has not any brains ?
Correct Am I a naive lady who doesn't have intelligence ?
Incorrect What sport are you interest ?
Correct What sports are you interested in ?

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