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Common Errors


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Incorrect What is the difference of these two things ?
Correct What is the difference between these two things ?
Incorrect What is the time on your watch ?
Correct What is the time by your watch ?
Incorrect Lucy has been absent from Monday ?
Correct Lucy has been absent since Monday ?

Note : To express the idea of from a certain time to now, we normally say "from ... to/till now ?".

Every week, I work from Monday to Saturday.

Incorrect We will tolerate no interference with our internal affairs.
Correct We will tolerate no interference in our internal affairs.

Note : ( In means to meddle ; With means to hinder/obstruct. )

I don't allow any interference with my work.

Incorrect The answer of this question is quite complicated.

The answer to this question is quite complicated.

Incorrect Under the help of an influential friend, he got the job.

With the help of an influential friend, he got the job.


Note : To express various states or conditions, we use under.

Business improved under the new management.

Incorrect Nobody is bound to suffering.

Nobody is bound to suffer.

Incorrect Some people are not used to live in a hot country.

Some people are not used to living in a hot country.

Incorrect Susan is incapable to complete the task by herself.

Susan is incapable of completing the task by herself.

Incorrect Nobody can avoid to make mistakes.

Nobody can avoid making mistakes.


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