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Common Errors


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Incorrect John said that, "I know the answer."
Correct John said, "I know the answer."
Incorrect Although he was ill, but he went to work as usual.
Correct Although he was ill, he went to work as usual.
Incorrect You may not realize that how important time is.
Correct You may not realize how important time is.
Incorrect He is a more nicer person than you.
Correct He is a nicer person than you.
Incorrect John's work is more perfect than Tom's.
Correct John's work is better than/superior to Tom's.
Incorrect This book is the most unique of all.
Correct This book is unique.
Incorrect I don't have enough money to buy big house.
Correct I don't have enough money to buy a big house.

Note : If the noun is specified, the is used

I want to buy a computer. The computer must be versatile in function.

Incorrect Why do you need hundred dollars ?
Correct Why do you need a hundred dollars ?
Incorrect He has good knowledge of English grammar.
Correct He has a good knowledge of English grammar.
Incorrect Japanese are industrious and frugal.
Correct The Japanese are industrious and frugal.

Note : Once the is omitted, the meaning changes from people to language.

Not all the Chinese are proficient in Chinese.

Is French a beautiful language ?


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