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Common Errors


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Incorrect One of his family members is dead.
Correct A member of his family is dead.
Correct One of the members of his family is dead.
Incorrect My brother's all the books have been stolen.
Correct All my brother's books have been stolen.
Correct All the books of my brother have been stolen.
Incorrect For what you are here ?
Correct What are you here for ?
Incorrect Tell me why did you go there ?
Correct Tell me why you went there ?
Incorrect I, you and he will go together.
Correct You, he and I will go together.
Incorrect Exercise is good both for work as well as health.
Correct Exercise is good for work as well as health.
Incorrect He did not abstain to smoke but persisted to purchase valuable cigars.
Correct He did not abstain from smoking but persisted in purchasing valuable cigars.
Incorrect To him I did a request which he did not comply.
Correct To him I made a request with which he did not comply.
Incorrect I cannot bear your separation.
Correct I cannot bear separation from you.
Incorrect Open the last but one page of the book.
Correct Open the last page but one of the book.
Incorrect I solicit your favor to grant me leave.
Correct I solicit the favor of your granting me leave.
Incorrect Those who are absent, I shall punish them.
Correct I shall punish those who are absent.

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