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Read the passage carefully. Then choose the correct answer.

"One bath a day is enough !" screamed Jenny. "I'm already clean ! Stop ! I don't like sop ! I don't like washing my hair. Don't you do that to me again, Sue, or I'll tell Momma !"

"Hah !" I said. "Who do you think sent me here to clean up a filthy little monster ? Good golly, how can you get dirty so quickly ?"

As soon as Jenny hit the warm water, and the little yellow rubber duck and rubber boat began to float, and she could splash all over me, she was content to be bathed, shampooed, and dressed in her very best clothes. After all, she was going to a special birthday party.

Five o'clock came and went, and though we waited and waited, we didn't see our father's big green car turn into our driveway. The invited guests sat around and tried to keep up a cheerful conversation. Momma got up and began to pace around nervously. Usually Dally flung open the door at four, and sometimes even sooner.

Seven o'clock, and still we were waiting. Dad's favorite meal which Momma had spent so much time preparing had long turned cold. Jenny was growing hungry, sleepy and cross, demanding every second, "When is Daddy coming ?" Her white dress didn't look so clean now. Her smoothly waved hair began to curl up and look wind blown.

My stomach was growling and I was beginning to feel as worried as Momma looked. She kept pacing back and forth, going to the window and staring out.

"Oh !" I cried, having caught sight of a car turning into our tree-lined driveway. "Maybe that's Dad coming now ! But the car that drew to a stop before our front door was white, not green. On the top was one of those huge red and blue flashing lights. An emblem on the side of that white car read "POLICE'.

Momma smothered a cry when two policemen dressed in blue uniforms approached our front door and rang our doorbell. Momma seemed frozen. Her hands hovered near her throat; her heart came up and darkened her eyes. Something wild and frightening burgeoned in my heart just from watching her reactions.

Uncle Zhu answered the door and allowed the two policemen to enter. They glanced about uneasily, seeing, I'm sure that this was an assembly gathered together for a birthday party. All they had to do was glance into the dining room and see the festive table, the balloons suspended from the chandelier and the gifts at the corner.

"Mr Chen ?" inquired the older of the two officers as he looked at my mother. She nodded slightly, stiffly. I drew nearer, Jenny was on the floor, playing with her doll and showing little interest in the unexpected arrival of the police officers.

The kindly-looking uniformed man stepped closer to Momma. "Mrs Chen," he began in a flat voice that sent immediate panic into my heart, "we're terribly sorry, but there's been an accident on the Pan Island Expressway." A long sigh escaped from Momma's choked throat. she reached out and drew me against her side. I could feel her quivering all over, just as I was.

"Ma'am," the officer continued very solemnly, "it pains me dreadfully to bring you bad news on what seems a special occasion." He faltered and glanced around with embarrassment. "I'm terribly sorry, ma'am .. everybody did what they could to get Mr Chen out..., well, ma'am ... he was, well, killed instantly from what the doctor says."


At the beginning of the passage, Jenny was given a bath because ______.

    (A) one a day was enough
    (B) Jenny had one already
    (C) she needed one
    (D) she enjoyed once
  2. The 'filthy little monster' refers to ______.
    (A) the dirty bathroom
    (B) the rubber duck and boat
    (C) Jenny the little girl
    (D) Jenny's sister who bathed her

Why do you think everyone was waiting for the writer's father ?

    (A) It was his birthday.
    (B) It was polite to do so.
    (C) He usually came home early.
    (D) The food was cooked for him.
  4. Their father was at least ______ hours late when the police came.
    (A) two
    (B) three
    (C) four
    (D) five
  5. How did their mother show her anxiety ?
    (A) She cooked her husband's favorite food.
    (B) She made sure the children were clean.
    (C) She paced back and forth.
    (D) She seemed frozen.
  6. The policemen glanced about uneasily because ______.
    (A) there was a crowd
    (B) Uncle Zhu opened the door
    (C) there were balloons everywhere
    (D) they had not expected a festive occasion
  7. The gifts at the corner of the room were probably for the ______.
    (A) helpful and understanding policemen
    (B) people invited to the party
    (C) birthday party games
    (D) writer's father
  8. Jenny showed little interest in the arrival of the policemen because she ______.
    (A) was hungry and unhappy
    (B) did not expect them to come
    (C) wanted to play with her doll
    (D) could not understand what was happening
  9. It was obvious the officers felt ______ breaking the news to Mrs Chen.
    (A) honored
    (B) surprised
    (C) embarrassed
    (D) uncomfortable
  10 The last sentence shows us the policeman was trying to say that Mr Chen died ______.
    (A) peacefully
    (B) a terrible death
    (C) with little suffering
    (D) although help was given
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  Answers : 1C   2C   3A   4B   5C   6D   7D   8D   9D   10C

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