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Read the passage carefully. Then choose the correct answer.
Life is not a bed of roses. This saying holds true for Salina who has been a polio victim since the age of three. This disease affected both her legs which has rendered her unable to walk. As a result, Salina is now confined to a wheelchair which causes her to live the life of a disabled. The life of a disabled person is not an easy one because it is full of obstacles. As she goes through life, Salina has to overcome all kinds of difficulty. Success does not come easily to her due to her limited mobility. After many years of encountering hardships, Salina now holds a respectable job in a well-known organisation in the country. Salina's success in life can be attributed to her great determination, positive outlook and remarkable friends.

Salina's success in life is due to her grit and great determination. She does not give up easily when it comes to achieving what she wants. For example, she was very determined in her university years to do well in her studies. Her life at the university was not easy. Besides working hard at her studies, Salina had to face difficulties in accessing places, such as the library, computer labs, lecture halls and canteens. The lack of an elevator prevented her from going to the library and computer labs which were on the first floor. Able-bodied students could get to the lecture hall easily but for Salina, it was tough. Other students had a path that enabled them to reach the lecture hall quickly. Salina, on the other hand, had to cross a big field in her wheelchair. Sometimes, the field got muddy during the rainy season and the mud would stick to the wheels making it difficult for the wheelchair to move. Eventually, Salina would reach the lecture hall with a smile on her face and without any complaints. The lack of facilities for disabled students on campus did not discourage her from obtaining her certificates from the university. It would be a lie to say that Salina did not even shed a tear while handling the unfriendly campus environment. Each time she thought of the difficulties she had to get through, she felt sad. But this made her more determined than ever to get what she wanted.

Salina has a positive outlook to life. Salina believes she can achieve whatever she wants provided she remains positive even in trying times. Moreover, she is not easily saddened by negative incidents. During her campus days, Salina came across people who forgot to put themselves in her shoes. Yet, these people held important positions in the university and were supposed to understand the needs of students who were uniquely different from others. For example, they were reluctant to provide ramps and a special toilet during the beginning of her campus life. Furthermore, some officers even advised Salina's friends not to let her become too dependent on them. These incidences could have affected a disabled person gravely, but Salina took them positively. She became more mature in understanding human nature, patient in coping with unwarranted situations, motivated in performing better at her studies and courageous in facing life's challenges.

Salina also has remarkable friends who have helped her be where she is today. Salina considers her friends as treasures who must be cherished. She does not have many friends, but the few friends she has are sincere, helpful and trustworthy. At university, her friends were there to support and help her since she was staying away from home. Salina cannot deny the fact that she was very dependent on these close and understanding friends to help her borrow books from the library, buy her necessities from the shop and food from the canteen. People would say that these were merely simple gestures in doing things for a disabled person. This would be true if the help was given for a day or two. However, it was greatly appreciated because the help was extended over a long period of time. These friends stayed with Salina throughout her university years. If a normal person had to depend on somebody at some time or other, Salina who is physically disabled required more of it. Her friends' efforts in assisting her at university had made her life as a disabled person easier. Salina will never forget her friends' kind deeds.

Salina's perseverance, positive outlook and wonderful friends have paved the way for success. Even though Salina is physically weak, she is mentally and emotionally strong. She has achieved what she wants in life, i.e. having a good and stable job and also a circle of friends who bring much cheer to her. Disability is not the end of a person's future, but a challenge from God to live life to the fullest.

    Using contextual clues, find a word with the same meaning as the following words from the passage.
  1. rendered
  2. determined
  3. reluctant
  4. cherished
  5. cheer
    Answer the questions below based on the passage.
  1. What has made Salina successful in life ?
  2. What is the main difficulty faced by Salina when she was in university ?
  3. List three examples of how Salina retained a positive outlook when she received negative responses.
  4. What is the main idea of paragraph III ?
  5. 'Even though Salina is physically weak, she is mentally and emotionally strong.' (paragraph V) What does the writer mean ?
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1.   has caused
2.   adamant
3.   unwilling
4.   appreciated
5.   joy
1.   Her great determination, positive outlook and remarkable friends.
2.   Salina had difficulty accessing places such as the library, computer labs, lecture halls and canteens.
3.   She became more mature in understanding human nature, patient in coping with unwarranted situations, motivated in performing better at her studies and courageous in facing life's challenges. (Any three)
4.   Salina's positive outlook made her succeed in life.
5.   Although Salina is a disabled person and is in a wheelchair, she did not give up easily facing difficult situations but took them positively.



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