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Read the passage carefully. Then choose the correct answer.
Adnan woke up early on this special morning. Today he was leaving for Cairo. He was one of three in his class at school who had been chosen to take part in the gymnastic celebration on his country's Independence Day.

Adnan lived in Egypt, In northern Africa. The town where he lived was Aswan, on the Nile River. The Nile was the longest river in the world, and today Adnan was going to sail down the river on a boat. He was sailing all the way to the big city of Cairo, many days to the north, near where the Nile empties into the sea.

Adnan gulped down his breakfast. His mother had already gone to the river to do the laundry, but she had left him his breakfast of beans, cheese made from water buffalo's milk and dark bread. When Adnan reached the river, he found his mother waiting beside a felucca, an Egyptian sailboat used for traveling from village to village along the Nile. Adnan's teacher and classmates were already on the boat. Adnan hugged his mother and hurried on board. He waved and watched the water widen as the boat moved slowly away from the shore.

The water was grey blue and the land was green, but Adnan knew that the green did not reach many kilometers beyond the river's edge. Most of Egypt was dry, brown desert country. Before his family moved to Aswan, they had lived on a small farm on the edge of the desert. Adnan had never gone to school there because his father had needed him on the farm, where they had tried to grow as much rice and corn and fruit as possible. It had never been quite enough. Adnan had always been a little bit hungry. Now his father worked on the famous Aswan High Dam on the Nile River, and Adnan went to school.

The Aswan High Dam was enormous. The water that the dm held back was used to irrigate growing crops so that people in this poor country would have enough to eat. In school Adnan had studied about Cairo. There, instead of using camels to pull carts to market, people had trucks and cars. Some people wore the kind of clothes that were worn by people he had seen in movies. Both Adnan and his father wore a galabia, a kind of long shirt. When they worked outside under the hot sun, this garment kept them cool. And at night when it got cold, it kept them warm.

Adnan knew that electricity was used to light the houses and streets of Cairo. On the farm, there had been no electricity for lights or stoves or anything else. They had used the dried bush of cotton plants as fuel for cooking because there was little wood near the desert. In Aswan, the house where Adnan lived was made of sunbaked mud and straw, with a roof of cornstalks or palm branches. About the only thing that Adnan expected might be the same in Cairo was the police. They were everywhere in Egypt, telling people what to do and what not to do.

Suddenly Adnan stood very still, listening hard. From across the water he heard the faint cry of a muezzin -- a crier on top of a mosque. The muezzin was calling the Muslims to prayer. Like most Egyptians, Adnan was a Muslim. Five times a day he knelt in the direction of Mecca, the holy city, and bowed his head in prayer. The sun was hot. The water, nearly blue here in the middle of the wide river, looked cool and tempting. The boat was not sailing fast. Adnan though how nice it would be to have a swim. He could hardly wait to get to Cairo.


Adnan was going to Cairo to ______.

    (A) represent his school
    (B) have his holiday
    (C) study about the Aswan Dam
    (D) see what electricity was like
  2. Which of the following statements is not correct ?
    (A) Egypt has the world's longest river.
    (B) The Nile is important to agriculture.
    (C) There are many villages along the Nile.
    (D) Crops grow easily and readily in Egypt.

Before going to the river, Adnan's mother ______.

    (A) washed the clothes
    (B) prepared his breakfast
    (C) said good-bye to him
    (D) milked the buffaloes
  4. Adnan's mother hugged him because he ______.
    (A) finished his breakfast
    (B) woke up early that day
    (C) was leaving home for some time
    (D) was chosen to go to Cairo
  5. Before settling in Aswan, Adnan's family ______.
    (A) had a successful farm
    (B) had a difficult life
    (C) lived in the desert
    (D) was very well fed
  6. The felucca ______.
    (A) has an outboard motor
    (B) is a slow-moving boat
    (C) is their only means of transport
    (D) sails the sea around the land of Egypt
  7. At the Aswan Dam, ______.
    (A) water is provided for crops
    (B) Adnan's family had their farm
    (C) rice, corn and fruit are grown
    (D) people used dry bush as fuel
  8. Adnan hurried on board because ______.
    (A) his mother was watching
    (B) his teacher was already there
    (C) he was later than all his friends
    (D) he was very excited about his trip
  9. Which aspect of Cairo did Adnan think would be the same as Aswan ?
    (A) Its transportation.
    (B) Its housing standards.
    (C) Its people's clothes.
    (D) Its law enforcement.
  10 When the muezzin's call came, Adnan ______.
    (A) wanted to swim
    (B) listened hard
    (C) said his prayer
    (D) stood very still
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  Answers : 1A   2D   3B   4C   5B   6B   7A   8C   9D   10C

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