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Read the passage carefully. Then choose the correct answer.

A few hours previously, the troops of Charles, prince of the Teks, had drawn up their battle lines against the Oscar army led by the Duke, who were fighting for King Greg. What was at stake was the entire future of the Oscar monarchy. Charles was the latest in the line of claimants to that throne and had come and raised his standard. He gathered together a large army among the Tek clans and marched south to take Oscar. The army marched as far south as Dragonis, and indeed might well have taken over the country had they not lost their nerve at the last moment and retreated to what they considered was the safety of the narrow mountain valley.

But the delay was to cost them dearly. King Greg and his supporters soon rounded up an army of Osborn and Oscar regiments, and even a number of Tek troops loyal to King Greg who did not like the prospect of a young, erratic and blood-thirsty fighter on the throne.

The result was this battle. It was an unequal contest right from the start. Despite the lion-like courage of the Teks, the iron discipline of the Oscars and their deadly firepower wiped out row after row of the charging Teks. Eventually, flesh and blood could stand no more of the withering musket and cannon fire from the Osborn and Oscar lines. The Teks broke ranks and started to flee the battlefield.

The Duke gave the order to pursue the Teks and give no quarter. The Oscar troops, angered at the attempted takeover of their country needed little inducement and chased the fleeing Teks through the narrow mountain valley.

Among the fleeing Teks was a small group from the Zubin clan and their followers. Cross, the leader of the clan was badly wounded, and was being supported by the young Alex. Beside them as they struggled along, half dragging the tall, white-haired clan chieftain, was Alex's sister Kris. Normally a pretty, red-headed Tek girl, her face was smudged with dirt, her beautiful red hair in a mess. She had followed her father and brother in order to see the expected victory of the Tek army. Instead, she had just arrived in time to witness a disaster. Now all three were fleeing desperately from the red-coated soldiers.

They hurried up a winding, rocky path, and turned a corner to confront two Oscars, each with musket and bayonet at the ready. Kris flung her arms around her father's neck and pulled him to one side, as Alex drew his long sword and leaped forward to do battle with them. The first Oscar lunged forward, his long steel bayonet stabbing towards the center of the Tek's chest. Alex was too fast for him. He jumped aside and with one glittering sweep, his great sword swept upwards. The soldier, slashed from thigh to ribcage, slowly collapsed back into the heather as his companion aimed his musket at the Tek. There was a puff of smoke and a loud report. The musket ball missed Alex's red hair by about an inch, and the Tek raised his sword again and sprang forward yelling the Zubin war-cry. The startled soldier dropped his musket and with one glance ran back along the path.

When Alex started after him, Kris called to him to stop. Alex paused while the soldier scurried away over the hill. He turned back angrily. "Why did you do that ?" he said.

"You're needed here with father."

"But that soldier will be bringing back reinforcements," said Alex.

"The we'd better get out of here quickly," said Kris. Alex turned, looked down at the dead soldier at their feet, and nodded. He turned back to this father and helped him on his feet.


In the first paragraph, the writer tells us that the ______.

    (A) Teks and the Oscars have been fighting for many years
    (B) Oscars have been attacked by various groups many times
    (C) huge army was assembled by Charles
    (D) Teks live to the north of the Oscars
  2. The second paragraph tells us that " .. the delay was to cost them dearly". How did this happen ?
    (A) The Oscars had time to get help.
    (B) The valley the Teks were in was not safe.
    (C) The Oscars were given time to rest.
    (D) The Teks lost their nerves soon after.

Who is the "young, erratic and blood-thirsty fighter" described in the second paragraph ?

    (A) The Duke
    (B) King Greg
    (C) Charles
    (D) Cross
  4. What advantage did the Oscars have over the Teks ?
    (A) The Oscars had lion-like courage.
    (B) The Oscars had superior weapons.
    (C) The Oscars fought an unequal contest.
    (D) The Oscars could wipe out the Teks.
  5. The Oscars were only too pleased to destroy the Teks. Which of the following is not a reason for their feelings ?
    (A) They were ordered to do so.
    (B) The Teks had been cruel to them.
    (C) The Oscars were angry with the attack.
    (D) It was part of their job as soldiers.
  6. The Zubin clan was ______.
    (A) led by Alex
    (B) loyal to Charles
    (C) fleeing from the Teks
    (D) friendly with King Greg
  7. Kris ______.
    (A) was one of the Osborns
    (B) came to help in the battle
    (C) wanted to witness an Oscar victory
    (D) was the daughter of a Tek chieftain
  8. What effect did the Zubin war-cry have on the soldier ?
    (A) It stirred his iron-discipline.
    (B) It weakened his muscles.
    (C) He abandoned his friend.
    (D) He became very frighten.
  9. Alex wanted to pursue the soldier because ______.
    (A) he wanted to show his bravery
    (B) the soldier shot at him first
    (C) he was angry that his father was injured
    (D) that soldier would bring other soldiers
  10 They decided to get away quickly because ______.
    (A) they were afraid
    (B) reinforcements would come
    (C) their father needed help for his injuries
    (D) the soldier may decide to return and attack again
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  Answers : 1B   2A   3C   4B   5B   6B   7D   8D   9D   10B

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