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Leng Keong looked up to his older brother, Leng Ti. He thought that his brother was the smartest and coolest boy in town. He had heard so much about his adventures with his friends. He felt green with envy whenever he saw his brother going out with them. Many times, he had wished that he could be one of them. So one day, when Leng Ti and his friends asked him to go with them to their hideout under the bridge, he was ecstatic.

However, while they were on the way there, Leng Ti and his friends kept talking about `Project A'. Leng Keong felt odd but he was afraid of being branded as stupid so he did not ask them what 'Project A' was. Besides, he didn't want Leng Ti to send him home.

When they reached the bridge, Leng Ti's friend, Raju, asked him to keep watch while they squatted under the bridge. Then, Raju whipped out a pack of cigarettes while another friend brought out a lighter. Soon, they all began to smoke.

Leng Keong stood rooted to the ground, too stunned to move. His brother, the boy his parents were so proud of and whom he had worshipped, was puffing away. This was the very thing their parents had warned them about. In fact, his father had given them a whole lecture on the dangers of smoking just last week. Leng Ti had sat there so innocently and promised him that he would not smoke. Leng Keong felt so disgusted with his brother. Suddenly, he felt betrayed.

Finally, one of the boys came over to his post and gave him a cigarette. "I don't think... I don't want to do this..." he murmured. As soon as he said that, everyone looked at him and started laughing at him. 'You are such a baby! Eh, Leng Ti brought a baby!" Everyone laughed.

Determined to prove them wrong, Leng Keong lit the cigarette and began to smoke. It was really awful. He kept coughing and could hardly breathe. The taste was disgusting but he kept on puffing. Leng Ti came over and took it away from him. Leng Keong could not look into his eyes. He was afraid Leng Ti would be able to read his fears and disgust.

Just then, someone yelled: "Hey, look!" There was a small fire on the left side of the bridge. Someone had not stubbed out his cigarette properly and it had started a small fire in a patch of grass. Leng Ti and his friends sauntered over slowly, thinking that it was just a small fire. They had a competition to see who could trample out the flames first.

They shoved and pushed each other as they stamped on each other's feet, giggling and laughing. But the fire grew bigger and started spreading quickly to the other side. Panicking, they took off their shirts and tried to beat out the fire. The boys threw their drinking water on the fire, but to no avail. The fire became uncontrollable and soon, it spread quickly.

When the boys realised that they had caused a major disaster, they ran helter-skelter. Leng Ti grabbed Leng Keong and ran all the way home. He asked Leng Keong to swear that he would never tell their parents. Leng Keong was terrified and hoped that someone had seen the flames and called the fire brigade.

At dinner, the boys were strangely quiet. Their father told them that there was a fire near the bridge. He blamed it on the dry weather. Fortunately, someone had spotted the fire and the fire was put out before it reached the houses. After dinner, Leng Ti even offered to wash the dishes, something he rarely did. Leng Keong escaped into the sanctuary of his room and heaved a sigh of relief. Their parents did not suspect anything but to this day, the brothers have never had another cigarette in their lives because of what happened that day.


Based on the passage given, write a summary on :

Leng Keong's actions and his feelings when he was invited to join Leng Ti and his friends, and

the brothers' reaction during and after the fire.


Your summary must:

be in continuous writing ( not in note form )

not be longer than 130 words, including the 10 words given below


Begin your summary as follow:

He felt very happy to join his brother and friends ...

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He felt very happy to join his brother and friends. He was afraid to ask them questions. He was shocked to see them smoking, especially his brother. He felt disgusted and betrayed. Then, someone gave him a cigarette and he refused. They teased him and he relented. He started to smoke. It felt awful but he kept on puffing. When his brother took the cigarette away, he could not look into his eyes. Then, a fire started and they tried to put out the fire. However, the fire spread quickly and his brother grabbed him and ran home. His brother told him not to tell his parents. He felt terrified and hoped that someone had seen the fire. They regretted their actions and stayed away from cigarettes after that. (132 words)

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