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Read the passage below and answer the question that follows.

The sea turtles, especially the leatherbacks, are undoubtedly one of nature's most amazing creatures. They roam the warm seas of the world throughout their life and come ashore only to lay eggs. Malaysia with its long sandy shorelines has been destined as one of their breeding grounds. Unfortunately, the number of leatherback turtles landing on the beaches has been declining over the years. According to the WWF estimates, about 2000 leatherbacks arrived on Malaysian beaches in 1970. In 1989, only between 30 and 60 leatherbacks were found. The drastic drop within such a short span is certainly a great cause for concern. Where have they gone to? Are they avoiding the beaches of Malaysia ? Whatever it is, the message is disturbingly clear -- they may become an extinct species soon, that is, if no concerted effort is taken to check the decline now.

The belief that the declining landings of turtles in Malaysia is the result of increasing landings in others parts of the world is a fallacy. This is because the scenario is the same in other countries known to have been visited by the turtles. What has caused the species to dwindle at such a rapid rate ? There are many reasons but an obvious one is none other than man's greed. As we know, turtles are killed for their meat. In the days before refrigeration, turtles had been a source of fresh food for the sailing ships. Today, turtle soup is a favorite dish among the Asians. Their shells have become coveted items for decorations and jewelry. Their eggs which are meant to be hatched into young turtles, are instead harvested and eaten. When deep sea fishing nets inadvertently trap the turtles, fisherman often kill the turtles instead of cutting their nets to release them. Pollution of the sea has also reduced the number of turtles. Many are choked to death by the plastic bags that they mistake for jelly fish. It appears that the turtles are no longer safe in the sea where they spend most of their lives.

Neither are they safe when the females come ashore to lay eggs. In fact this is the time when they are particularly vulnerable as their movements are slow on land. The nesting places for these turtles have also been greatly reduced, As more and more beaches are taken over for tourism with the construction of hotels, chalets and condominiums, the breeding grounds are reduced in the process. The intrusion of tourists into these places make it difficult for the turtles to lay their eggs. They have to look elsewhere to places that are still quiet and undisturbed to lay their eggs. Unfortunately these ideal places are few to come by now. Too much development has taken place even along the coastline in most countries.

Perhaps all is not lost yet. Sincere efforts are being taken to check the decline. In Malaysia, it is heartening to note that concrete steps have been taken to protect the turtles that come ashore to lay eggs. The indiscriminate collection of turtles eggs on the beaches is no more allowed. Turtle sanctuaries have been set up in Rantau Abang in Terengganu. The eggs collected by designated officials are sent to hatcheries in the sanctuaries. In this way, the loss of eggs and the rate of mortality among the baby turtles are reduced. In other words, more baby turtles are now able to return to sea and grow into adulthood.

In an effort to discourage the public from eating turtle eggs a Turtle Enactment Act has been introduced to prohibit the sale of leatherback eggs. The WWF has also launched the 'Save the Turtle Campaign' to create an awareness among the public to help save the endangered species. In this way, the consumption of turtle eggs and perhaps turtle meat will be discouraged, thus putting a stop to the illegal sale of eggs and trapping of turtles. Let us hope that it is not too late to save these fascinating creatures from becoming extinct.


Based on the passage given, write a summary in which you describe

* how and why the number of leather back turtles has declined

* what steps have been taken to prevent the decline


Credit will be given for use of own words but care must be taken not to change the original meaning. Your summary must be in continuous form and not longer than 130 words, including the 10 words given below.


Begin your summary as follows :

"Te declining landings of turtles in Malaysia are due to ..."

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The declining landings of turtles in Malaysia are due to uncontrolled catching for their meat, shells and eggs. many are inadvertently caught in deep sea fishing nets. Pollution of the sea has also reduced the number of turtles. Many die of suffocation by discarded plastic bags. Besides, turtles are most vulnerable when they come ashore to lay eggs. Their nesting places have also been reduced due to development for tourism along the coasts. Nevertheless, concrete steps have been taken to arrest the decline. Indiscriminate collection and sale of turtle eggs are banned. Turtle sanctuaries have been set up, thereby reducing the rate of mortality among the baby turtles. Lastly, an awareness campaign has been launched by WWF to discourage the public from eating turtle eggs. ( 125 words )


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