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Next morning Mrs M'Kenzie made a suggestion at breakfast-time. She did not want to sound too eager, but she felt that the two boys might get on better if they were thrown together more.

'Rajah,' she said, in the pleasant, friendly way by which her nephew, in spite of his anger, could not help being attracted. `I wonder if you would take Douglas in hand and teach him to swim. I can't let him go swimming alone until he is a good swimmer, and I hear that you are like a fish in the water.'

Rajah felt slightly flattered.

'Mavis tried to show me the arm stroke,' said Douglas eagerly, `but how can a person learn to swim if he can't go near the water?'

Rajah laughed quite naturally.

'All right, Aunt Mag,' he said, 'I'll give Douglas a lesson this morning if you like.' Turning to Douglas he said, 'Can you be ready about half-past eleven? It's long enough after breakfast, so that's when I'll give you a lesson.'

'Now. Douglas,' said Mrs M'Kenzie firmly, `remember, you must do exactly as Rajah tells you. There must be no going out of your depth, and no diving either.'

'Don't worry, Mother,' promised Douglas, as he ran off excitedly to get his swimming gear.

Rajah kept his promise and met Douglas at the appointed time. He was very patient too, though the novice kicked about a good deal in the water. Douglas had no fear, and tried hard to follow his cousin's instructions, so the lesson was quite a success, in spite of much splashing.

'I'll have you swimming in no time, Douglas,' Rajah said, quite genuinely pleased. 'You can come for coaching every day if you like.'

'Thanks awfully, Rajah,' said Douglas, then he made, quite unintentionally, a blunder. His eyes spotted Hapland Castle, shining in the sun. In his eager boyish way he said, 'Isn't that a topping house? I can hardly believe the old place belongs to me.'

All the pent up jealousy in Rajah's heart seemed to well up. Without a word, he plunged into the deeper water and swam off with a strong, swift overhand stroke. He knew it was wrong to leave Douglas alone where he was, without warning him of a deep pool nearby, but he felt he did not care what he did so long as he got away from the boy who had taken his place at Hapland.

Douglas did not mind being left alone, for he felt quite confident in the water after Rajah's coaching. So he splashed about happily for a time in the shallower water, thoroughly enjoying the breaking waves as they passed him in a cascade of foam. Then, plucking up courage, he ventured a little further out. With startling suddenness his feet went down under him, and he felt himself struggling in deep water. A big wave rushed up and almost choked him. He gave a sharp cry of distress, but, in spite of his sudden fear, he did not lose his head for a moment. He worked his arms as Rajah had taught him to do, and kicked his legs wildly, till, just as suddenly as he had sunk into deep water, he felt the sand under his feet, and with a little difficulty he stood upright again.

He turned and saw Rajah swimming wildly towards him. 'I heard you cry out,' he said breathlessly. He did not like to think of the fear that had caught him when he looked back and saw no sign of Douglas.

'Oh, it's all right,' panted Douglas. 'I got into a deep pool, somehow or other, but I managed to wangle out somehow. I must say the sea is full of surprises.'


Based on the passage given, write a summary:

of what Douglas did and said from the time he rushed off to get his swimming gear.


Your summary must:

be in continuous writing ( not in note form )

not be longer than 130 words, including the 10 words given below


Begin your summary as follow:

Douglas ran off excitedly to get his swimming gear. He ...

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Douglas ran off excitedly to get his swimming gear. He met Rajah on time. He tried hard to follow Rajah's instructions but splashed a lot of water. Then he noticed his house and expressed admiration for it. This caused Rajah to leave him so he splashed about in the shallower water, enjoying the waves. He decided to go further into the water. Suddenly, his feet sank under him and he began to struggle. He almost choked when a big wave rushed up and hit him. He yelled out in distress, but did not panic. He moved his arms as Rajah had taught him and kicked with his legs. Suddenly, he felt sand under his feet and he was able to stand. then, he turned and saw Rajah swimming towards him. (127 words)

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