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Solar energy

Solar energy is produced by the sun. It is often referred to as a renewable energy source and a dependable source of power. The world today relies on fossil fuel, generating harmful by-products such as carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases which have contributed to global warming. This has resulted in extreme weather conditions such as floods, droughts as well as food shortages in many parts of the world. The rapid depletion of fossil fuel resources means that we have no choice but to come up with alternative energy sources. Besides, energy costs are increasing and people are now turning to alternate energy sources.

Nuclear energy has often been suggested as an alternative energy source. However, while nuclear energy has the potential to deliver tremendous power, it has many drawbacks. Maintenance, radioactive waste problems and water usage are some of the challenges that have to be dealt with. One long-term solution to all these problems is to increase the use of solar power. We use the sun's rays every day in many different ways. When we hang out our laundry to dry in the sun, we are using the sun's heat to dry our clothes. Plants use sunlight to make food. The rays of the sun can also produce light and radiation that can be captured by solar panels to produce electricity.

Generating electricity from solar energy means less consumption of fossil fuel and this will in turn reduce pollution and emission of greenhouse gases. Solar technology applications do not pollute. They do not release carbon dioxide or any of the other poisonous gases. The most important benefit of using solar energy is environmental. Steps must be taken to reduce global warming and our dependence on fossil fuels. By switching to solar power, we will be doing our part to combat global warming. Solar energy is a renewable resource. Unlike other energy resources like oil which is limited in supply and which becomes more and more scarce with the passage of time, the sun is always present. As long as we have the sun, we will have solar energy.

Although the sun's rays are free, it costs a lot of money to utilize solar power. Setting up solar cells and other equipment can cost thousands of dollars. However, although solar energy systems require large initial investments, they generally pay for themselves in a few years. In addition, solar energy systems require little or no maintenance after installation. Solar systems have life spans ranging from 30 to 40 years. Tax incentives can further reduce the cost. Market demand too, can lower the price.

Like all energy sources, there are disadvantages of solar energy. Although solar power is a vast and inexhaustible resource, it is also an intermittent energy source, which means that it is not available all the time. The amount of sunlight that reaches the earth's surface varies from place to place. It also depends on weather conditions. Since the sun does not deliver large amounts of energy to any one place at any one time, a large surface area is required to collect the energy. Moreover, solar panels require a large area for installation to achieve a high level of efficiency.

The changing position of the sun throughout the day can affect the performance of solar panels. Obstruction from buildings and trees can further aggravate the problem. This means that in order for solar panels to function effectively, the solar panels have to be adjusted. The level of pollution in an area can affect solar energy production.

Proponents of solar energy claim that this resource represents a clean alternative to fossil fuels that currently pollute our land and water and threatens our health. At the same time, it contributes to global warming. Given the abundance of solar energy and its relatively cheap cost, this resource will, no doubt, play a prominent role in future. As conventional fuel supplies dwindle, solar energy may be the answer to the future of our energy needs. the use of solar energy is not yet widespread. However, with education and tax incentives from the government, solar power can become the main energy source in years to come.

Your summary must not be longer than 130 words, including the 10 words given below.

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy produced by ...

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Solar energy is a renewable source of energy produced by the sun. Like all energy sources, solar energy has its advantages and disadvantages. A big advantage of solar energy is that it is clean energy. It does not emit carbon dioxide or any of the other greenhouse gases. It does not pollute the environment. Although the initial costs of setting up solar systems are high, they generally pay for themselves in a few years. Moreover, solar energy systems are virtually maintenance-free and can last for decades. The main disadvantage of solar power is the steep initial cost involved in setting up a solar system. Besides, the efficiency of the system relies on the position of the sun and is also influenced by weather conditions and pollution. ( 125 words )

depletion   a reduction of something
drawbacks   a disadvantage or the negative part of a situation
dwindle   to become smaller in size or amount, or fewer in number:

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