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Summarize the following passage, describing how the writer decided to drive the van and the consequences of and punishment he got from his action. You should not write more than 120 words.
I have had my share of trouble in school during my childhood but the most unforgettable one was the time when I decided to drive my school van. It happened when I was in primary four, an age when the young could not wait to grow up in a hurry. However, things follow a natural order and driving, outside of an arcade centre, is certainly not natural for a primary four pupil. Unfortunately, being the child that I was, I wanted to do things that adults did. I can still remember the incident vividly.

The unattended keys had first caught my attention when I was waiting impatiently for the driver to return to the van. One of the primary one pupils had not turned up, so the driver had gone to search for him. A mischievous thought crossed my mind as I decided to frighten my friends in the rear compartment by starting the engine of the van. Looking back, it was a very foolish thing to do since I had absolutely no idea about driving. It was basically a spur-of-the-moment act.

As I started the engine, I was seized by a thrilling sensation and began entertaining ideas about driving the vehicle. As the temptation became too great, I reacted like any child would. I shifted the gear and tried to recall what my father had done to get his car moving. My friends in the rear compartment of the van were shocked when they realized what I was attempting to do. Some primary one students screamed while others cheered me on. Perhaps it is true what people say about characteristics being revealed during a crisis.

The driver must have heard the din we caused because he soon rushed out of the school compound to investigate. When I caught sight of him, I became a nervous wreck and tried in vain to stop the engine. Unfortunately I panicked and accidentally stepped on the accelerator instead, sending the van crashing into the school's side gate while we were thrown backward violently. It was a miracle that nobody was hurt or I would have to carry a heavy conscience for the rest of my life. Except for some bruises, most of us were more stunned than hurt to realize the danger that I had just posed to everyone in the van. I sat motionless in the driver's seat, staring straight ahead of me, too petrified to move.

After being helped out of the wrecked vehicle and having thoroughly checked for injuries, we were marched to the principal's office where our versions of the incident were heard. The experience was just like being an interrogation scene on television but there was no happy ending in this instance. When they had all the details, I was told to remain behind while the rest were ushered out of the office to the canteen. I was given a very harsh lecture by the principal and my parents were summoned as well. When they arrived, their stern looks were enough to convince me of the severe punishment awaiting at home. Regretting my reckless act, I became repentant and apologized to the principal and my parents. Although I was very fortunate to have been only suspended, my father had to pay for the damages that I had caused. Consequently, my allowance was proportionately reduced to make me feel the pinch.

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The writer had intended to frighten his friends by starting the engine of the van when he found the unattended keys of the vehicle. With the engine started, he grew excited and attempted to drive the van. Some of the children in the van screamed in terror while others joined in the fun. The commotion brought the driver to the scene. On seeing the driver, the writer panicked and accidentally accelerated the van instead of halting it. As a result, the school's side-gate was damaged and those in the van including himself though not severely injured, were terribly shocked. the writer was severely reprimanded and suspended from school by the principal. His allowance was also cut by his father. (120 words)

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