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The importance of sleep


Amidst our busy schedules and hectic routines, we often think that sleep is a luxury. However, sleep is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Sleep is essential for good health. It is a requirement in order for the body to rest, recuperate, and rejuvenate. Most of us have experienced sleeplessness at one time or another and are familiar with the feeling of fatigue, sleepiness and impaired daytime functioning that accompanies it. Sleep deprivation can have a devastating impact on one's well-being, because good health is linked to having sufficient sleep. It depends not only on the number of hours you sleep in a day, but also how well you sleep. Sleep is one of the most essential things a human body needs in order to function effectively. Even a short nap can benefit a tired body, and give a weary mind a few minutes of rest. A good night's sleep removes tiredness, stress, tension and worries. Identifying and correcting poor sleeping habits can help older adults to improve their well-being and quality of life.

There are many causes behind an inability to sleep. These can include the stress in our daily life, our mental health and other medical conditions. When a person is deprived of sleep, the first possible effects he feels are hallucinations and mood swings. The nervous system will be affected. Lack of sleep will also make a person feel drowsy and unable to concentrate on his work.

There are some things to abstain from doing prior to sleeping. Thee include imbibing alcohol and caffeine. Caffeine keeps us alert. Alcohol itself is sedating but if taken during the day or early evening, it can actually lead to a rebound state of wakefulness at bedtime. Also, resist the temptation to do a rigorous workout before going to bed. Any exertion more strenuous than a short walk after dinner to aid digestion will prevent you from having a good night's rest. Avoid going to bed on a full stomach or immediately after eating a heavy meal.

Make sure you fall asleep at the same time every night, and in the same way, wake up at the same time every morning. Then your body clock adjusts to recognize this routine. It commences to function like an alarm-bell that tells you not only when to get up, but also when to retire for the night. Winding down is essential for good sleep. A daily ritual to help us relax at the end of the day is a good lead-up to falling asleep. this can take the form of a warm bath, reading, watching a relaxing TV program, listening to soft music or any other pleasurable activity that you look forward to and does not require too much exertion at the end of the day. since the bedroom is where you go to sleep, make sure that it is comfortable and has the right ambience. Adjust your bedroom temperature to be slightly cool. In addition, keep the bedroom dark and as tidy as possible. It is not restful to sleep in a room that is brightly lit or messy.

One of the greatest causes of sleep deprivation is the inability to stop the mind from racing with the day's events and ongoing worries. It is almost impossible to jump into bed, close our eyes and immediately fall asleep after coming directly home from work with the weight of the day's worries still lingering in our minds. The key is to slow down, and try to leave your troubles behind. A warm bath, a glass of warm milk, soothing music, a good book and dimmed lights can have a claming, therapeutic effect.

Getting a good night's sleep can make a lot of difference to whether your next day is likely to be a good or bad one, as lack of quality sleep can affect our attitude. Our day to day energy, work and social interactions can also be affected by a lack of high quality sleep. taking steps to improve our sleep is a smart move to make. Good sleep is a combination of both good habits and a healthy lifestyle.

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Sleep is essential for good health as it allows the ...

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Sleep is essential for good health as it allows the body to rest, recuperate, and rejuvenate. There are some things you have to abstain from doing fro some time before sleeping and these include taking alcohol and caffeine, and doing a rigorous workout. Going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning will allow your body to recognize this routine. Besides, winding down before sleeping is also advisable to promote sleep. Therefore, slow down and leave your problems behind. It will be impossible to rest if the mind is still thinking of the day's events and ongoing worries. In addition, keep the bedroom cool, dark and as tidy as possible. Ultimately, good sleep is a combination of both good habits and a healthy lifestyle. ( 127 words )

recuperate    to get back your strength
imbibing   to drink
ambience   the character of a place or the quality it seems to have

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