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Two of One
Write a story ending with these words: How wonderful to have another half !
Sarah stared at her own face in the mirror; made a face, and let out an audible sigh. "Another pimple again!"

Her mother, Rose laughed at her daughter's petulant tone. "That's the joy of growing up!"

"Mum, why are you always so philosophical? I look so unsightly!"

Their banter was broken by a greeting at the front door. Rose walked up, wondering who it could be, not expecting any visitor at this time of the night. She was not too surprised when she saw a familiar face. It was Minah, her mother's trusted companion, someone she had not seen or heard from for sixteen years. The last time she spoke to Minah was after the birth of Sarah.

She ushered the fifty year old lady into her sparsely furnished sitting room. They sat in silence as Mina looked at Rose.

"You look well, Rose. You've aged graciously, quite unlike your younger sister who looked years older than you. Where's David?"

"With the angels," was the quiet rejoinder.

Minah was about to express her condolences when she thought better of it. She herself had never approved of David, Rose's husband, he being poor and to her, quite unworthy of being the husband of her favorite charge but then, strange is the world of love.

At that moment, Sarah walked into the room, bringing with her a cup of tea and a plate of some local cakes. She greeted Minah politely and sweetly and Minah could not help it but stare at her for she was the spitting image of her mother.

Rose smiled and decided it was time she revealed the secret to Sarah that she was one of two. In fact, before David passed away, they wanted to tell Sarah but as she was sitting for her grade S Music examinations, they decided against it. They were afraid that Sarah could not handle three shocks at one time - her father's demise and the revelation plus sitting for the examinations. She invited Sarah to sit with them. "Take a seat, Sarah. This is your grandmother's best friend, Mrs. Minah."

Sarah looked up, her eyes wide open. Mum never ever mentioned grandmother. Like her mother, she was a free spirit too, ever-ready for adventure and surprises and frankly, nothing her mother did ever really surprised her. She always expected the unexpected, she would be shocked if her mother did the conventional.

Rose quietly began her story. She remembered the moment she broke the news to her mother she was going to marry David and the conditions her mother laid down. Her first-born was to be surrendered to her mother when he or she was two years old and returned to her at eighteen. She was to have no contact with the child for sixteen years. She refused absolutely but David knew the mettle of his future mother-in-law and if he allowed his beloved to lock her life in the staid old mansion, she would die slowly, suffering the deprivation of a stifled free spirit. He agreed. They left the town which was practically his mother's-in-law town and settled in a serene village, away from her domineering influence.

Fate was kind to Rose and David. They had twins, a boy and a girl.

On hearing this, Sarah could not contain her excitement. "I have a twin! Wonderful!"

Minah was nonplussed. Sarah was not angry at her mother for separating the siblings.

Rose turned to Sarah, "Remember. Sarah, the boy you collided with in Putrajaya two years ago? You took a photograph with him and his school friends. They were the ones who insisted on taking the photograph. That's your twin brother."

Sarah reminisced. "The younger version of Dad minus the wrinkles and grey hair."

Turning to Minah, Rose said, "There was no condition that my children could have no contact with each other. It was only David and I. There was no condition that my sister, Jane was not to tell Samuel about his real parents. She did and he knew all about us. Jane's marriage was an arranged one and she found happiness in sharing my son."

Minah smiled, "Let bygones be bygones. Your son is in the car. In fact, he's waiting to meet his mother and his twin sister."

Before Minah could say anything, Sarah was out of the door in a flash as she hurtled down the stairs to the car. Her brother saw her and as she drew near, they both looked
at each other and smiled. They were unlike two peas in a pod. They had kept in touch with each other since that "lucky" accident two years ago.

Lucky, it seemed but actually it was pre-arranged, on Jane's insistence. Even David had met his son and had exchanged more than a dozen words with him.

Samuel ran up to his mother and gave her a warm hug. He did the same with his sister.

Finally, the family was complete. Sarah was beaming from ear to ear. Samuel was ecstatic as he echoed his sister's words, "How wonderful to have another half!"
banter   joking
nonplussed   surprised
ecstatic   happy


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