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Made mincemeat of Not to mention
Went up the wall

He ran like hell

Turned her back on her Go-getting
Get up my nose Ravaged by famine and disease
Eager beaver Deluged by tropical rains
Cut me dead Casualty figures
International roaming cell phone Answer the door
Blow the whole of New Year bonus

The earthquake struck at 07:00am

Get-together Before and after pictures
Heading for home Mains services
Dotting the eyes of the dragon Pick up the pieces
Blow-out They didn't make it
Usher in the year of the Rooster Cheat death
Movable feast By the skin of his teeth
Hope for the best

Hung on like grim death

Asleep in bed A volcano erupted

9.0 on the Richter scale

Millions upon millions Falling apart
Short-term and long-term repercussions A race against time
To evacuate survivors Inundated
I hope so Carry the can

What a pity

Bob's your uncle
I have no idea Like a stuck pig

Watch out

Tom, Dick or Harry
I am afraid I don't understand All mouth and no trousers
Forget it Cleared the overdraft
You don't look your age Strike a ( the ) balance
Who knows Go by
Answer the door Pay off mortgage

The earthquake struck at 07:00am

Before and after pictures
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