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  Reducing and enlarging facility Time for elevenses  
  That's really wasteful Light supper  
  It's temperamental Alfresco  
  It doesn't collate Take me back  
  A3-sized copies Stock up  
  Face down A pie and a pint  
  Double-sided printing Let the teapot stand  
  Increase the contrast Tea cozy  
  The copies are faint China  
  Run out of Clotted cream  
  Have a go at Doctor ordered  
  You must be starving Time for high tea  
  He stood us all Documentaries  
  One-off Some love interest  
  My local Score  
  What's it for ? Shooting on location  
  You were really tipsy Subtitles  
  Draught or bottled ? Good box office  
  Change hands In flashback  
  Are you a regular ? Trailer  
  Down the pub Where are you off to  
  Fancy another ? Through my friend  
  He only drinks shorts A long way to go  
  It's my round Zoomed in on  
  They hold a referendum Dubbed into German  
  Won by a landslide Star-struck  
  A real cliff-hanger I want to see the credits  
  Voting system For a time we thought  
  Exit poll A good cause  
  Cast their votes You're the tops  
  I can't be bothered Head and shoulders  
  Things are hotting up First-class  
  One of my favorites A day over forty   
  Heckle The dish is too hot   
  What's her platform I can't praise ...  
  Party is ahead You have such good taste  
  Face to face You could do just as well  
  To have been heated You've excelled yourself  
  What is he aiming for    
  Pasties are filling    
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