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Something that stands out We're in for
To die for Sitting ducks
I lucked out

You're putting me on

What is Eva up to ? Put in my two cents
We got stuck in an elevator Butterflies in the stomach
I've got my fingers crossed Tag along
I'm positive

An art history buff

I'm in a pickle You talked me into it

Taking him to the cleaners

Pull it off
Hang in there Calling the shots
Water under the bridge Got to hand it to you
A clean bill of health Self-fulfilling prophecy
I heard you're expecting My job is in jeopardy
Missing out on Telling on me
I'll carry you piggyback Way over the top
Let's call it quits That's a fashion no-no
I'm overwhelmed with work

Give me a hand

I'm running a high fever Make progress by degrees
My stomach feels bloated I'll treat you to lunch
Feel up to par Are you accustomed to it ?
Feeling out of sorts My brain is buzzing
Hit the sack The person in charge
Go cold turkey I can't get through to him
What's done is done Our sales suffer a downturn
Hit the road Spare no effort
Go overboard

Easier said than done

The food is run-of-the-mill The room is well-appointed

Thin as a rail

In the neighborhood of
It makes sense to me Time flies
Sweet tooth

I will ruin the whole thing

Going to let up See the daylight
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