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The food is run-of-the-mill !!!
Carlos So what's the lowdown on the Pique ?
Vela Well, that's not a bad choice. The food is decent, but the bill will be astronomical.
Carlos Okay, that's out of the question. What do you think of the Patio ?
Vela To be honest, the ambience is not all that good, and the food is run-of-the-mill. Their only saving grace is that they serve a glorious Grilled Chicken Salad.
Carlos I'm not a salad person so that's out, too. For a nice night on the town, where would you take a date ?
Vela It'd have to be the Regal, hands down. The service is appropriately slow and discreet so you can have an intimate evening getting to know your date. They know what good food is all about and I guarantee that you'll have a memorable, romantic night.
Explanation :

Run-of-the-mill - ordinary and not special or exciting in any way

Example : He gave a fairly run-of-the-mill speech.

On the verge of

Fill me in on the task

I am through working overtime

The numbers didn't add up

Give me the rundown

Cut-throat competition

See the work through

It is feasible

This item is sought-after

Sells like hot cakes

Look it up

Got it all planned out

I've lucked out

Speak your minds

On top of that

We spread out the news

He's all tied up

Keep an eye on

Stuck in traffic

Pricing and samples

Time is ticking away

We talked on the phone

I need to think it over

She's driving a hard bargain

Long-standing support

Production lead time

In no time

Expedite the payment

Defective goods

Work wonders

Get in contact with

You're making me blush

Keep you updated

Filled him in

I'll see to it

Grab a bite

The bottom line is quality

They are high-tech items

Our lead time is 14 days

Fit in with

Have a word with you

I am flattered by your praise

Well begun is half done

I am just a workaholic

Give me a hand

You reap what you sow

Keep track of

It's my treat

A tight schedule

Have a second thought

I've made up my mind

Fire away

It's no bother at all

With flying colors


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