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When it comes to haggling Let's get cracking
It seems to be catching on Take a look at the classifieds
I'm up for that Narrow down the results
I'll pass The prices are pretty competitive
You're bound to ...

There is no restaurant on site

It's cost me a fortune Mom-and-pop shops
Showing me the ropes Can you help me page someone ?
It's my treat Putting me in the mood
That'll be the day They are catching on
In a jiffy Just sleep on it
In the buff It sounds kind of cheesy
Take a load off my mind Calls in with their sob stories
Up the creek That's the way the cookie crumbles

Got some balls

You're dead meat
We've got a flat Give you the axe
So hard on him Put in a good word for you
Stay out of the kitchen

In leaps and bounds

Time lag We had a falling out
Stood me up My son is a real catch
No reservation in your name Give them a piece of my mind
Could you speak up a bit There's a silver lining
Things are a bit hectic Give you a few pointers
She's covering for Fredrick It's beyond words
Leaving things to the last minute You're so out of it
He's taken the day off Working up a storm
We're open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm I'm a sucker for writing utensils
What time you'll be done It slips my mind
Don't have anyone by that name

Make it snappy

Command of Chinese and English

Off the hook
I don't quite follow you I'm all thumbs
I'm starting to get cabin fever Money is no object
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