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He has been told off before

Collaborate on good software

In mint condition Linux is gaining market share
Lost your marbles A piece of work
Smelt a rat You can never be too careful
Set aside some money Should be more mindful
Wipe out Isn't particularly prone to
Stamp out poverty It doesn't kick in
I'm in the dark That's the spirit
Take after Feel obligated to
Make ends meet I can spare some cash
Hit the sack Gotten on board
Can't judge a book by its cover Set pieces were gorgeous
Just around the corner I'm willing to speculate with it
Tied down with work You led him on
I could eat a horse I would be up for both
Lay your cards on the table You're not my type
A close shave You tripped out
A far cry from On the verge of bankruptcy
Daylight robbery We slept through our alarm
A stone's throw away Things look pretty pricey
Hanging out

These things are name brands

Popping the question All messed up

Giving us a lift home

You'll see the light
She is low in spirits Have a one-track mind
With open arms Put you out
He'll see red

Get decked out

You must be pulling my leg Keep up with
Pass with flying colors I'm beat
I'm nobody's fool Get a load of that
A congenital problem Brain freeze
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