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In the doghouse Pain in the butt
Pulled an all-nighter He wouldn't budge
We've struck gold This guy is top-notch
Spill it out I racked up all the miles
Narrow down your search

Set them straight

Beat around the bush You can fill me in
Got to come through Put your mind to it
Out of the ordinary Made it just in time
Written all over your face The night is young
Cream of the crop Crossed my mind
Stick it out In the dust
I am keeping my distance Hold your horses
Pay off some parking tickets Work the crowd
In a rut You're such a party pooper

Let him live off you

A dog-eat-dog world
I think you struck out Bring it on
Lost your shirt We can order out
I have a gut feeling Venice - a melting pot
My cards are maxed out

It takes its toll

Fit like a glove Setting our sights
Need a card on file I'll pick on him
In the bag Don't get sucked in
No longer in service Can't hold a candle to you
Make it up to you Spare tire
Laid up in the hospital Brace yourself
I want to sleep in Dropped the ball

We'll eat in

You're high maintenance
Over the top Jump ship
Take you up on that offer

A natural aptitude for

Tied up at the moment This is ludicrous
I'm not messing around The night is young
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