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Passed away It's got an A rating
Knock the proposal on the head Wildlife conservation
I can't quite put my finger on it Eco-freak
Your father will never wear it It's got to be disposed of
To keep tabs on I'll draftproof the door
Give it the once-over Fuel efficiency rating
U-turn A sustainable development project
Cat's whiskers A whole raft of measures
I've had it up to here Biodegradable plastic
Working hand in glove A zero energy home
The penny dropped Gap year
I haven't the foggiest Ecosystem
That should do the trick Greenhouse effect
Gobbledygook Global warming
Lay it on thick Solar panel
Zip your lip Hybrid cars
Stop running yourself down Dual-flush toilet
Grab a bite to eat Heat insulation
It's getting a bit out of hand He's got the faucet running
Get real I've sorted everything out
An advertisement caught my eye Biodiversity
Catch some z's Energy audit
Let's call it a day Our house is double-glazed
I've been beating my brains out On the brink
Beats me Knocked me out
Beating about the bush Dropped a clanger
On the go Pull the other leg
In and out Cracked up to be
Keep it on standby Nosey parker
Environmentally conscious Money for old rope
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