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Keep the ball rolling

A sensory overload
Hen party My back started acting up
Stand up for Don't speak ill of
Our friends set us up

I'm all ears

To top it off You're just blowing me off
Listen in on I have two left feet
Hit it off I have butterflies in my stomach
Your behavior is totally uncalled-for To a T
I like just chilling out Catch him red-handed
Veg out I always chicken out
Put in a good word for me

As happy as a clam

That's the trade-off You're jumping the gun
There's one drawback Things got out of hand
Someone would snatch them up Has a crush on me
Love is for the birds Wake up and smell the coffee
This is a riot On the spur of the moment
Do the trick There are plenty of fish in the sea
I'll take the plunge The last straw that broke  ....
To be on the safe side It hits a home run
Trivial matters Heard it through the grapevine
Culture shock

Call to touch base with you

How long does it take on foot A needle in a haystack
That is a steal You're stressed out

That's the last straw

Twist her arm
Show someone up Pitch in
Rub me the wrong way Can't make heads or tails of
Shoot off your mouth

Drop like a hot potato

Your eyes are bigger than your stomach I didn't sleep a wink
Boss me around Keep a straight face
A sensory overload It's all over my head
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