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She's got a way with children

I'm of two minds

Single-sex schools He's wavering on his commitment
Prep schools Stormed out of the studio
Distance learning

It was a real eye-opener

Boarding school Any idea why they were stalling ?
Correspondence course They're obviously faltering
Ferocious We'd keep on the safe side
Cut-off date She was stumped by the last question
Field trip She was still in a daze
Take a photo Don't take it out on me
I was stuck in meetings all day Selling Like Hot Cakes
Get it over with The Grass is Greener on the Other Side
I'm on a budget I've been having dizzy spells
Scraped through A taste of their own medicine
My mind suddenly went blank She called in sick
Workout In hot water
Splitting headache Let off steam
Stage a reconstruction of robbery You've lost me
The fine is steep Ins and outs
Check you out

Wet blanket

Internet scam You're being inappropriate
Exceeding the speed limit Flesh and blood
I was mugged Make a beeline for
The police had got a tip-off I'm swamped
Don't be so pessimistic Put you up in the Hyatt
I'm going to brief my lawyer Bend over backwards
Drove through a red light I'm moonlighting as a teacher
A security scare in the subway Call it quits
I couldn't care less On a tight schedule
I'm in a quandary A piece of my mind
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