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  Went like clockwork Gets up my nose  
  A fantastic job Stick at it  
  You look really chic Let's go for a spin  
  It's a cross Go at a steady pace  
  Kittens are always playful Have the knack  
  It's very attached to him My battery is low  
  Walk your dog Work like a charm  
  Heel girl, heel ! Sit He is a good catch  
  Have our cat put to sleep Don't flatter yourself  
  That was for the best In the air  
  Keep him on a leash Up to something  
  That's my aim In a row  
  To be neutered I'll tell you what  
  He's got a taste for Give it to me straight  
  Get out of condition Don't get me wrong  
  Our cat had a litter You can say that again  
  A thoroughbred boxer You are on the right track  
  She is impossible to please It's beyond me  
  I haggled him down to $25 Whatever you say  
  On thirty days' free trial I am starving  
  Got them in my size ? Rain check  
  My feet are killing me Brush up on  
  You've been ripped off I am broke  
  What a bargain Out of the question  
  A really useful right foot

Don't get me wrong


I'll keep my fingers crossed

  A really green thumb

Does it ring a bell

  I wish I could

Let's get to the point

  Pan across the ruins

I tossed and turned all night

  A fantastic save

It's a piece of cake

  She sight-reads really well

Not that I know of

  She enjoys doing still lifes

It is on the tip of my tongue

  Have a lot in common

Chances are slim

  Over the moon

It doesn't make any difference

  What do you fancy ? It's better than nothing  

Changing channels

You can count on us

  My luggage went astray

It is up to you

  Held up by traffic

I couldn't help it

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