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Capital gains

Job hopper
Cut to the bone Fill the gaps
Splashing Tailor your resume
Up to the hilt Put in an application for
Like there is no tomorrow Give up the ghost
Pay through the nose From telephone to fax mode
Shell out At a premium
Blows all her money Bells and whistles
Made an absolute mint Transmission time
Throwing good money after bad 600 dpi resolution
Played hard ball I get fed up
Zero-sum game I've got a spare one
Sticking point Entry-level model
Bottom line Footprint
Haggle over every penny Turn tail
Win win situation I left it too late
10% off A pinch of salt
Give and take Smell a rat
Pressure tactics Makes my blood boil
Beat down Put the cart before the horse
Going rate Take the bull by the horns
We'll meet your halfway A shoulder to cry on
You drive a hard bargain A bee in her bonnet
Put your cards on the table Swallowed the canary
He was headhunted Got his head screwed on
Think on his feet Other fish to fry
Case interview Chewing the fat
In-tray exercise Barking up the wrong tree
Outstanding Getting more economical
I made a good impression Get the hang of
Who's in the line-up ? Put a lot of thought into
Make the shortlist Have your work cut out
Career portfolio Multifunctional photocopier
Meet the criteria On the blink
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