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Pay off my credit card

The rat race
Give us a heads up Pig out
Work up the courage When pigs fly
He's a handful

Keep straight

Keep it under wraps Got ripped off
On a whim You're a snob
Day in day out Came to your sense
I'm completely strung out Straight from the horse's mouth
In a while In the doghouse
Push comes to shove Barking up the wrong tree

Hold the fort

Top dog
Get it sorted out Lone wolf
Up to speed Please quit bugging me
Put us on the map A can of worms
Monkey around Worm out of
Monkey business The world is your oyster
Like a bear with a sore head I am getting goosebumps
She's quite doe-eyed They need to be hemmed
On the dole

Pay up front

I'm beat I am logical and analytical by nature
Feast your eyes on Top of the line
Like a bat out of hell Stand in for him
Gets my goat Warm up to you

Have a memory like an elephant

Cut up
The lion's share Throw away a golden opportunity
He's such a fox Look it up in our address book
Black sheep The teacher's pet
A wolf in sheep's clothing Back on our feet
Kangaroo court

I am working out

Like lambs to the slaughter She cannot make it
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