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Keep the books

Set my sights on
Out-of-pocket expenses Not set in stone
Make money hand over fist Smoke like a chimney

Count me in

Get all ducks in a row
Feel out of the loop Test the water(s)
Second a motion Until I'm blue in the face
Put my nose to the grindstone Toe the line
Put on hold Wake-up call
Plug everything

Eat them alive

Be left holding the bag Exciting as watching paint dry
Took a nosedive Over my dead body
A bitter pill to swallow Shoot off your mouth
Cash in on Turn up your nose
Dot the i's and cross the t's In the works
Hit the jackpot Clock in, clock out
A live wire A brief rundown
Eat my words Thanks for the heads-up
Got the boot No spring chicken
Diamond in the rough Fat cat
Look a gift horse in the mouth In Claire's good graces
By my own bootstraps Ran me over
Let sleeping dogs lie Out of line
At each other's throats On second thought
Left a bad taste in my mouth Out of it
Have an axe to grind Run yourself into the ground

Read me the riot act

Kick it into high gear

Rob Peter to pay Paul Fill in for you
In the dark Walk you through
Let your hair down Show you the ropes
Like clockwork It comes in handy
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