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On cloud nine

Strike while the iron is hot

Have ants in your pants Move the goalposts
Rotten apple The ball is in your court
The best thing since sliced bread Cover a lot of ground

Dish the dirt

Keep my nose clean
Play the field Bottom out
Roll out the red carpet Come to light
Cut class Spring for
Like a chicken with its head cut off Lie low
Pop into my head The bottom line
Not a penny to my name Budget crunch
Dog's life Cold calls
Get into the swing of things Hard sell
Put your thinking cap on Go belly up
Spill the beans Get off the ground
Ballpark figure

Tough cookie

Draw a blank Put the cart before the horse
Slack off Leave no stone unturned
It's all Greek to me Pot calling the kettle black
Eat a horse Kick yourself
Out of the running Go off the deep end
Break even Put our foot down
Get your feet wet ... bread is buttered
In the red Keep it under your hat
Cut corners Twist around your little finger
Get a break Has a finger in every pie
Give the green light To add insult to injury
Fill the bill Make a splash
Knock the socks off Go under
Jack up Knock down the price
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