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Exaggerate his exploits She's a real tattletale
He's always shooting his mouth off She just prattled on
Smart alec Yackety-yack
Have them eating out of her hand Blab it around
Ignoramus What's the buzz ?
Wiseacre On the market
Bighead Tittle tattle
Wind him around her little finger I'm green with envy
A skirt chaser Don't keep me in suspense
As miserable as sin To do down the girls
Rogue Got on my nerves
Ne'er-do-well She's nice to people's faces
You're a real grind Putting it about that ....
Playing pranks on people A word in your shell-like
A ladies' man The rumor mill is working overtime
She has a sunny disposition I'd never make anything up
You're out of date Cash-flow problems
Eleven dollar bill Well attended
As straight as a gun barrel Bitching about her friends
As honest as the day is long Showbiz
That really gets my shirt out Going the rounds
A cross word Behind the scenes
Hard act to follow Try to cut you out
She's kindness itself She's such a gossipmonger
He puts himself about a lot I have been bursting to tell you
Heard the last of it I won't tell a single soul
That puts my back up Have you heard the latest ?
Pain in the neck He's being laid to rest
He thinks a lot of himself To mourn the Pope's death
Don't be modest Pay final respects
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