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The sentences below are commonly used by native speakers, so non-native speakers of English can make full use of their speeches in their daily English conversation.
Tiffany figures it's the only explanation for why you're not swooning over her.
I didn't mean to be nosy. It's none of my business.
I know you don't like to be gossiped about, but it's too late. Everyone's already buzzing.
You've worked hard to build a career -- don't throw it away on a whim.
You know as well as I do that Reeves is in a sweat about the competition from the Post.
Let's talk this through. What set you off this time ?
She had a falling-out with old man Reeves.
Too bad Portia's such a nasty piece of work.
..... if you should be the teensy, weensiest bit late ...... I'll wait up for you.
He doesn't have any claim on me.
..... the lenses appeared to be clear and nonprescriptive.
And Robert's a perfect gentleman -- it's not like he's some bum I picked up on the street.
I feel out of element. ( to be unhappy and feel uncomfortable in a particular situation )
Just be yourself and you'll charm the pants off all of them.
It would be heaven if we could always be together.
They had to return to reality and face it head-on, whether they wanted to or not.
Bruce could talk things out with Greg and the other guy, they could work out a compromise.
It's as if they've undergone complete personality transplants.
"Elizabeth isn't an easy act to follow. She makes being good seem so easy.
I don't trust her, Liz. There's something about the way she looks at a person, as if she's searching for a weak spot to sink her teeth into.
Some of the guys were beginning to wonder whether or not you were going to show. I told them you'd never wimp out on us.
I think Rosie hides behind that tough exterior because she's shy.
She seems so withdrawn and I don't know how to reach her.
And maybe his girlfriend wouldn't go postal ( go crazy ) when she heard they were partners.
I'm going to have it out ( settle decisively ) with that girl once and for all.
Liz, I've been hurt too many times in my life, and I'm not setting myself up for that again.
I guess I'm still steaming over the way Erica has been treating us.
One minute you're happy ... then you're crying ... then you're screaming your head off at me.
Olivia is totally clueless when it comes to fighting dirty.
There was a cold edge in her voice that made him suspicious.
Now all I have to do is apologize to him for flipping out on him last night.
That's probably why he's not here this morning -- he's avoiding me until he works up the nerve to tell me it's over.
He seemed to be easy-going and friendly, and he got along with everyone.
.... don't you go acting all high and mighty with me. I know what you did. You're no better than anyone else.
I wanted to talk to you, but I felt like such a jerk I couldn't get up the nerve to call you.
I was so turned around I didn't know who my friends were anymore.
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