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The sentences below are commonly used by native speakers, so non-native speakers of English can make full use of their speeches in their daily English conversation.
I make you a small proposition. ( an offer or suggestion )
Samantha, you are too young to be so cynical. ( unwilling to believe that people have good, honest, or sincere reasons for doing something )
It's rained every day for a week.
The whole thing gave her a huge headache.
She's so good with kids.
You're gorgeous, smart and talented. What's to stop you.
It's just that sometimes I wonder if an education might not be a good thing.
She was soaking wet, .........
He's actually really nice about it.
Sometimes she wondered whether she was missing some essential experience and would end up sorry years from now.
Sam's feelings were a mass of confusion, .......
Allie had cut her hair a while back, .......
We're totally on the cutting edge of music.
You left the kitchen a mess.
Since when do you get to make the rules ?
She wondered if she'd overstepped her bounds.
Darcy was as tall as Sam but had a fuller build.
Better do it quick ! the salesgirl said as she walked over to them.
There's a hookup to each store's computer.
Sometimes I get flashes about things, and other times I am just a total blank.
Whew, it's still pouring out !!!
She loathed Diana even more than Sam did.
I was sitting right by Graham, and he loved it.
Everything had worked out so perfectly, she had to pinch herself to believe that it was all real.
It must be ten stories tall in here, she thought, staring straight up.
Emma was impressed by the luxury.
It's not as easy as those books made it sound.
She was completely absorbed in the book when a shadow fell over her.
He had brown hair cut short in the back and long in the front.
England's such a total bore in the summer.
You are all talk, no action.
That color is great with your tan, you look sensational.
Geoffrey was off on an endless story about ............
That was genius.
Emma and Carrie exchanged looks.
........... is that too difficult for you to grasp.
.... his face lighting up with pleasure when he saw her.
.... we are an excellent match, no ?
She'd soon put a stop to that.
I was cast in this new play, " exhaling darkness ".
Therefore it doesn't count, no matter what you do.
Valerie and I have parted ways.
Emma found it hard to overcome the reality of the situation.
It will help assuage his massive guilt about me.
Sam, Carrie and I didn't bring formal wear, ......
I've got a hell of a headache all of a sudden.
I am going for low return, higher probability.
Carrie was just conservative by nature.
She placed another bet on the table.
That gown is splendid on you.
I think you would find it amusing.
I don't want to sit at your side and bring you luck.
I watched you lose a bundle, it can happen to anyone.
If you keep playing, your luck will change, it's just the odds, you know.....
It was all the money she had managed to save from her job.
Panic welled up inside her.
I have totally messed up this time.
Do you think a man like me must pay to have his way with a woman.
You insult me with your insinuation.
Jean-Claude took a deep breath and seemed to regain his composure. ( become calm after feeling angry or upset )
He's a decent sort, and he's usually very generous.
Not that friendly, if you catch my drift. ( understand the general meaning )
A man like Jean-Claude is used to getting his way.
...... she turned around for a parting shot ( something you say as you are leaving ) ..........
It seems one of them has taken a liking to you.
You should feel honored, he even didn't do that for Jodie Foster.
You'll find your spot one day.
You don't seem exactly thrilled to see me.
Anger welled up in Emma.
Problems I'm too chicken to tell my two best friends about.
How late did you stay out last night.
Have you heard from Susan ?
I would really like it if you would just leave me alone.
I have a score ( settle a score to do something to harm or hurt someone who has harmed or hurt you in the past ) to settle with your little friend.
This is so sudden.
You're a lifesaver.
But the show is in fine taste, I even bring my grandbabies to see it.
She and Emma made their way out the stage door and into the hall.
...... all the awful feelings came rushing back.
....... let get some really fattening stuff.
I've done a million dumb things myself.
Now, that's what I call a leading question. ( a question that deliberately tricks someone into giving the answer you want )
It was completely unreal to you, though.
Appearances can be deceiving.
How can I face myself.
Look at it this way, everything here is a big fantasy -- None of it is real, so it doesn't count.
I resent her for giving me up for adoption.
You came through for me with flying colors. come through with sth 
to give people something important, especially when they have been worried that you would not produce it in time. )
But the gift, that's something you were born with, in the genes.
Oh, so you think that makes it okay ?
I wish I had that moment on videotape.
I really can do anything I set my mind to.
Tragically, Belinda died two short years later from bone cancer.
It's no biggie.
Darcy sensed she didn't want to hurt her feelings.
Darcy reminded herself, giving herself a mental shake.
When are you going to graduate and earn your keep (=do things in return for the things that are provided for you), huh, little one.

Marianne : I know you need that money infinitely ( very much ) more than I do.

Darcy : I'll get by. ( to have enough money to buy the things you need, but no more )

She turned on her heel to head back to her large circle of friends and family.
You looked really weird there for a moment.
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