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The sentences below are commonly used by native speakers, so non-native speakers of English can make full use of their speeches in their daily English conversation.
Unless Sally ruins my hair, in which case I will call off my date with Scott ...
A smile tugged at his mouth.
Then, I am off the hook ?
Hank walked over to the cashier to make his purchases.
My eyes occasionally stray. No harm in looking, you know.
Darrin was good-looking, well-mannered, and he treated her as an equal ...
I was going to fix the plug on D.C's heat lamp. The wires are starting to fray.
Marty finally made good on her threat .........
Eight weeks is plenty of time to make some headway .....
Hank looks tough, but on the inside, he's a real softie.
The drone of an engine drowned out their laughter.
They are hard to spot because they blend in with the woods and snow
It won't open from the inside.
The film was a spy thriller.
..... the car picked up speed again and drove off before they could catch up to it.
It's got to be more than the money.

Hank : If you're going to keep seeing this guy, well then, maybe I'll start looking around too.

Marty : Suit yourself. There's already too much of that going around.

.... it was up to her to smooth things over.
..... the flow of customers slowed to a trickle, then stopped altogether.

Hank : Are you any good at puzzles.

Marty : I am not too bad.

Hank stared at her with mock awe.
My fingers work faster to music.
Lila's the one who gives me grief.
.... why the swift change in him.
Confused, she tried to sort out her feelings.
But somehow, the emotional tug was no longer there.

Sally : But you two fight like cats and dogs.

Marty : Yeah, well, It's all a front, ( to be used for hiding a secret or illegal activity  ) for me at least.

...... saying whatever popped into her head.
Marty was the one left out in the cold.
She is going to be shorthanded if you don't go.
Nothing, exactly. Except Orin started acting possessive, and I'm just not into that.
.... he heartbeat quickened and her palms grew damp.
I am not sure I know enough to be much help.
You look like a desperado.
It was raining in sheets. ( a sheet of rain or fire is a very large moving mass of it )
The night smelled fresh and clean.
There's absolutely no future in it.
We can compromise, can't we. If you insist on finishing up here, I'll go home.
Tell her to give my check to Brenda, she'll get it to me.
Life could sure be a bummer sometimes.
Maybe I should run an ad in the paper.
I wouldn't want him to do me any favors, ........
He'd only used her to make Lila jealous and now he was using DC to get back into the good graces ( to be liked and approved by someone at a particular time ) of that stuck-up blond !
But I thought you and Hank were pals.
Well, I've told you now. Not that it makes any difference.
I've got him, Marty. Quick, let's beat it.
Marty rubbed the sleep from her eyes ........
.... but she'd never had to worry whether anyone would ask her to dance or who she'd talk to when everyone paired off. ( to come together or bring two people together to have a romantic relationship )
Alone with her jitters, Marty paced back and forth ...
Each second seemed like an eternity.
..... when he smiled and took Marty in his arms, it almost seemed like old times.
The traffic's bound to be awful, especially when the concert lets out.
What did I do to rate such a terrific best friend ?
It was so soft from many washings and so faded ........
Lila was the biggest question of all.
Brenda's eyes twinkled as he started away.
So he's under the impression I asked him out ......
He must think I have tons of nerve.
Let's find out seats before they dim the lights.
This was all Brenda's doing, wasn't it ?
I'll pay you for it.
.... when it came right down to it, we weren't right for each other.
I was just trying to help you out.
Lila can't compete with you.
You made me feel good about myself.
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