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The sentences below are commonly used by native speakers, so non-native speakers of English can make full use of their speeches in their daily English conversation.
... but it thrilled me all the way down to my toes.
I'd caught a glimpse of him in the halls, and all the girls in my third-period World Lit class had been drooling over him.
I'm glad that one of my best friends isn't totally brain-dead !
... but that's not all there is to her.
I haven't decided what I want to be yet.
I've managed to make some money at it, though.
Some people think that kind of music is old-fashioned but I am happy with it.
Listen, if you are not too buried in homework tomorrow, why don't we do some window-shopping at the mall.
I didn't hurt you or anything, did I ?
.... she lives only a few blocks from me.
I am old fashioned in everything.
.... and a little tingle of excitement ran down my spine.
... he didn't give me any details. You want to fill me in ?
The party's on Sunday. Are you available ?
I know it's pretty short notice.

Jill : Terrific! How much do you charge ?

Nik : Forty dollars for the afternoon.

Jill : That sounds pretty fair.

She had made other plans and said she'd try to hook up with us later.
She looks fantastic in bright, vibrant colors
They had a much bigger selection there.
We'll be using local talent.
You actually want me to perform in this benefit concert ?
If they agree to do it, we're all set.
There's still a lot of organizing to do.
I'll probably be calling next week to set a date.
Squaring my shoulders, I pressed the doorbell.
You were terrific with the kids.
Well, it's not exactly a sure thing.
I'm really looking forward to next Friday.
She will be calling you with the details.
I decided I'd better start singing before I said something even dumber.
You'll be a perfect opening act for Motion.
I'll call you to set things up.
I left them to make small talk while I dashed upstairs ....
I checked my appearance in the mirror.
I don't know how realistic it was, but I couldn't help identifying with (  [identify with someone] to feel able to share or understand the feelings of another person ) her.
Have you ever thought of going that route?
... there was no way I was going to keep on dressing that way.
I am not nearly ready for anything as heavy-duty as that.
the pace is a lot slower here, but that's a nice change.
The dance is less than a week away, and so far I'm clueless.
That was much too personal and private.
Well, I was right about his being a swimmer.
It's always a real blast.
... he had made an excellent impression on my parents Friday night.
Does this mean you'll go along with my idea for the costumes?
Angie didn't seem at all distressed.
Loosen up and have some fun.
It would cover the cost of my Halloween costume, I'd even have a little left over.
This concert could turn out to be a big break ( a sudden or unexpected chance to do something, especially be successful in your job ) for you.
When you put it that way, it makes sense ...........
I was kind of afraid you might tell me to get lost.
It'll be good to stretch yourself, try something different for a change.
He seemed to have a natural talent for it.
Don't you know I am a guy of many talents ?
They're nothing compared to yours.
The future seems a long way off.
I hoped my parents wouldn't have a fit when they saw how skimpy the outfit was.
I was almost deafened by rock music blaring at top volume from the speakers.
I asked as soon as Jill was out of earshot.
but I'd feel like a freak if I dressed this way all the time.
I didn't mean to get you all upset.
But seriously, Nik, a lot of guys go for that kind of look.
It's very special to me because you inspired it.
You're loaded with talent, Nikki, but you won't get anywhere until you bring your material up to date.
You want me to butt out and leave you alone, is that it ?
Cool, it's settled then.
It was obvious that I had been right about Scott's feelings for me.
Every night I cried myself to sleep.
What had he been about to say ?
... for the next hour I actually forgot my troubles.
Today's schedule was pretty light, ......
You should let him know you're willing to meet him halfway.
I am afraid I am fresh out of answers. You've to figure that one out all by yourself.
I felt the adrenaline surging through me ......
I hate to back out on you guys, but you'll have to give me a rain check.
I wanted so much to make up with him.
What good would that do ?
It's damaging to her ego.
It was impossible to shut him out of my mind completely.
I stood there in a daze.
All of a sudden I ran smack into someone.
She said I was a control freak who always had to have things my way.
I did a lot of thinking over this past weekend.
I promise I won't butt in.
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