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The sentences below are commonly used by native speakers, so non-native speakers of English can make full use of their speeches in their daily English conversation.
I've been hoping for a chance to talk to you.
There was something about the way he was gazing at her that made Kristen's heart skip a beat.
Before she could collect her thoughts ( to make an effort to remain calm and think clearly and carefully about something ), Troy kissed her gently.
Whose idea was this anyway ?
On second thought, it must have been your idea.
It'll be a wonder if I don't end up in the emergency room, with my allergies.
Well, you're only a few weeks away from being sixteen.
Ever since her Dad died almost five years ago, money had been tight.
Get real !    Kristen ' No matter how hard you work, you can't possibly save enough moeny for the ski trip by spring break.'
There are too many other expenses......
He's already signed up.
I got tied up talking to my history teacher.
Besides, places like that don't pay much at all.
Every other plant she'd owned had withered and died in short order.
Maybe he can talk some sense into him.
I always notice your moods.
That's the whole point.
And the amount you could charge would be too small to make it worthwhile.
I'm all for it.
I'm really impressed with how hard you all have worked.
You don't have to be muscle-bound to be athletic.
Kristen steered the conversation to neutral topics.
.... why Jason was so down on ( to have low opinion of someone or something ) football players and Heidi had been so upset with him.
I'm so stiff, I can hardly move.
It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.
... they agreed to get through Sunday as best they could .........
You've hardly said two words to me all evening. What's bugging you ?
I get plenty of exercise.
I've got to hand it to you.
Good-looking, athletic and maybe into sports of some kind .......
Heidi was so overwhelmed that she could hardly speak.
.... to give him a brief outline of the business.
Do you work out ?
... he seems nice enough ---- if you can get past that monumental ego.
He's awfully stuck on himself.
He's big and strong, and that's what really counts for this job.
Kristen hoped her friend wasn't setting herself up for a broken heart.
Most of the kids live pretty close by.
I always get avenues and streets mixed up.
Why did you stick up for him like that ?
I just didn't want to start out the day with an argument.
So how come you're all dressed up ?

Kristen :You are not jealous of Troy, are you ?

Jason : Of course, not.

Kristen : But you sure sound like it.

He's too much stuck on himself for my taste.
It's just that guys like Troy just get under my skin. ( if someone gets under your skin, they annoy you, especially by the way they behave )
Why was Jason being so grumpy ?
Troy actually burned rubber in his rush to beat Jason out of the parking lot.
Jason was out of sorts and fell asleep halfway through the film.
What's gotten into him anyway ?
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