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The sentences below are commonly used by native speakers, so non-native speakers of English can make full use of their speeches in their daily English conversation.
We can check on the way to geometry and see if we made it, if you'll stop stalling. ( to make someone wait or stop something from happening until you are ready )
.... she wasn't too thrilled about signing up for any of the competitive after-school activities.
Trisha wasn't the vain snob ( someone who is vain is very proud of their good looks, abilities, or position ) she'd expected.
Still, she couldn't resist studying him out of the corner of her eye.
.... his radiant smile would immediately turn any girl's brain to jelly.
Brian has a nice voice, deep and resonant.
There was nothing pressing she had to do at home, ..........
Brian's unexpected friendliness had really thrown her, .....
Every muscle in my body aches, .....
Trisha's reasoning was beginning to sound interesting ........
Julie was beginning to see the endless possibilities. ..... kind of like investigative reporting ?
Suddenly, she was brimming with idea for her column.
I remember writing a scathing editorial about cheating on exams that shook up the whole school.
She hurried out the door.
As soon as she got outside she dismissed her mother's concern.
.... she'd signed up for it, she certainly was no quitter.
Please plan to meet with one of us as soon as possible, so you can make the deadline.
What kind of piece were you thinking of doing on the school library.
You have to have some kind of focus, Julie.
.... opening her notebook and uncapping her pen.
Surely the students have some input into the selection process.
She quickly walked out of the library feeling excited that she'd hit upon something.
..... in her haste she had forgotten to run the spell check, ........
True or not, this column is too strongly worded. You'll have to revise it.
I just don't have the hang of these new routines yet.
Her column would never see the light of day .......
He is just plain mean !
She struggled to hold back the tears welling up in her eyes.
One thing was sure. Brian Fredrickson wasn't worth crying over, neither ....
It was hard to imagine her quiet friend getting up on a stage.
... it seemed that she and Trisha were beginning to form a special bond.
You really are just like your father --- he never lets anything get him down.
You'd better keep the dessert in the front seat, Harvey can't resist sweets.
I am sorry I blew up at you the other day.
.... the thought of trigonometry makes my head ache.
The more she saw of Brian, the more she liked him.
He didn't ask you out to a movie or anything ?
His face lit up in a smile.
I didn't know you two were seeing each other.
I was interested in him for a while, but that's all in the past.
Don't get so defensive.
They're a lot of fun
It's just that you seem more thoughtful than the rest of them.
I don't think anyone has ever done a piece on that subject ........
The boys are a lot rougher on their stuff than we are.
Every other time they bused us back the same night.
Do you think the girls' athletic programs get a fair shake ( fair treatment )?
.... a good reporter should put her subject at ease.
Librarian : Are you going to quote me ?

Trisha : I write an opinion column, so there's really no need to use names, .....

I got my information from an ' informed source '.
I get enough flak ( strong criticism ) as it is.
I was hoping you could fill in a few blanks for me.
What I really want is a breakdown (  [countable] a written statement explaining the details of something such as a bill or the cost of a plan ) by sport.
Julie didn't buy that, but she let it pass.
Just what are you getting at ?
Instead of toning down the strong language, he'd simply chopped it out.
Julie set her glass down very carefully and helped herself to some chips.
It's beautiful Trisha, but it looks so sophisticated.
You look like you could use some cheering up.
I know you will give it some thought before you do.
I'm better off going, even if I have a miserable time.
I have been pretty busy. I have any English paper due next week.
I edited some piece that were really in bad shape.

Julie : Are you still mad at him about what he did to your column.

Trisha : Oh, I am over that.

Brian drove to the twenty-four-hour diner on the edge of town.
..... he doesn't want it to look like he's playing favorites.

Julie : You haven't eaten much of your dinner.

Trisha : I had a big lunch today.

All I know about cars is where to put the gas.
Spending time with you isn't exactly a chore.
This should hold us over for a while.
Kevin's at swim practice, and Tom has a piano lesson.
Once they come home, it'll be a mad house.

Brian : I don't remember it.

Trisha : That's because you didn't read the opinion column.

Brian : I could read it now, then take another angle.

She picked up a handful of chips and munched on them, stalling for time.
By the time Julie got home, she was soaked to the skin.
You always tell me to stand up for myself, and now you want me to let some stupid boy walk all over me ? Well, I won't stand for it.
What about that game of checkers, now. It might take your mind off the troubles.
If I turn it in like this, I just know Brian will tear it apart.
Trust me, you can't make it any worse.
Well, it's kind of flat. There's no color to it.
Maybe you could reword it a little.
But reporters are supposed to be concise.
How could she have been so thoughtless.
I'm going to take your advice and see if I can liven it up a little.
Sorry, I wasn't more tactful about it.
If Brian doesn't like the changes you make in your article, you can blame it on me.
.... they might have worked out some kind of compromise.
I gave the whole thing a lot of thought today.
It's a definite possibility.
All this indecision was making her heart pound.
I tried to talk to you, but you didn't take my calls.
The tight knot in Julie's stomach began to unwind.
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