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The sentences below are commonly used by native speakers, so non-native speakers of English can make full use of their speeches in their daily English conversation.
I almost went crazy with worry.
I was so upset with you that I kind of lost my head.
... he doesn't have a serious bone in his entire body.
Isn't that all that matters to seventy-year-old girls ?
I could give you a ride home.
why did he always have to act so goofy.
Bet you a chocolate milk shake, he doesn't make it through the week.
We need to be in top shape for the game Friday night.
I've kept you from your work long enough.
I am through for the day.
I've never understood mechanical things at all.
Nick's attitude was the total opposite of what she'd expected.
But would he be able to keep it up ?
Has he fouled up yet ?
From what I've seen so far, Nick's a reformed character.
I've got a ton of homework, I really have to get to it.
What did you do ? Put a spell on him ?
You're some cook, Mrs Kellarman. Everything was delicious.
Why can't he act this way all the time.
The sun's setting, and you know I don't like you going on the lake after dark.
That's awfully nice of you, but I hate to put you to the trouble.
I love the way he plays the guitar. I've tried to imitate him, but I've got a long way to go.
I always thought it would be fun to learn, but I've never gotten around to it. ( get around to phrasal verb [transitive not in passive]
to finally do something that you have been intending to do for some time: I don't know when we'll get around to doing any more decorating. )
It isn't that hard once you get the hang of it.

Tracy : Don't you ever take anything seriously ?

Nick : Not if I can help it.

Well, this ought to keep you occupied for a while.
This looks positively alien. Got time to show me how to do it ?
How come you're standing up for Nick ?
She explained to Tracy how to work the problems.
You don't have to see me to the door, I can find it myself.
No doubt about it, there was something very appealing about him.
She tapped on the half-open window.
I just hope I don't foul up.
I pressed your uniform. It's hanging in the closet.
He makes me so mad when he goofs off at school.
Now I've got the jitters. What if Center beats us to a pulp.
It'll be a real bummer if they wipe up the floor with us. ( to defeat someone completely in a competition )
Our team's in top shape.
When Eastwood Laker began their warm-ups, Donna kept glancing up into the bleachers.
.... thoughts of Nick interfered with her concentration.
As the teams changed sides, Donna sneaked another quick peek into the bleachers.
Laker made a series of points, only to have their opponents catch up and surpass them.
The score seasawed back and forth ......
As they ran off the floor to the locker room ...........
While she was touching up her makeup in front of the locker room mirror, Stephanie came over to her.
And you didn't tell your very best friend ? Why all the secrecy ?
I knew you'd probably talk me out of it.
Nick's such a flake! What if he pulls one of his practical jokes on you ?
Donna's initial confusion was gradually replaced by seething rage.
The tiny flicker of hope went out.
.... he had deliberately made a fool out of her.
I'll be right down as soon as I get dressed.
From now on, Nick Riley is history as far as I am concerned.
Donna had forgotten to check the fuel gauge before leaving the dock.
Donna cut him off in mid-sentence.
That's not the way it was at all.
Now to top it off ( top sth off phrasal verb [transitive]
to complete something successfully by doing a last action or adding a last detail: Let's top off the evening with a drink. | A cherry on each cake would top them off nicely. )
he was lying to her.
And if you say I told you so, I am getting out of the car this very minute.
Monday morning was overcast, threatening rain, which exactly suited Donna's mood.
Looks like we're in for quite a storm.
She's so terrified of storm.
I'll head for home then.
Donna could hardly see through the torrential rain.
She didn't have a prayer. ( not have a prayer : to have no chance of succeeding ).
It'll be noon before you are done.
Mom packed some drinks and a bite to eat in case we get hungry.
A while back, I lost a good friend in a boating accident.
We've got most of the stuff unloaded, why don't we finish up ?
I can't imagine living anywhere else.
I'm really sorry for missing the game the other night and fouling up our date.
Obviously, Nick had no intention of revealing the mystery until he was good and ready, and Donna's curiosity grew by leaps and bounds.
That she was stubborn, short-tempered, and too serious for her own good.
Donna felt a little shy, but his parents and Megan put her at ease.
Her eyes widened as she took in the scene before her.
I enjoyed the outdoors too much.
He lives only about an hour away, but it seemed like it took forever for him to get here.
Your body's here, but it looks like your mind is somewhere in outer space.
Stephanie put the car in gear and began to drive.

Donna : Do you have any idea who it might be.

Tracy : No, not a clue.

They will be green with envy.
Donna settled herself in the passenger seat.
Now I'm sorrier than ever that I missed the other one.
If there is nothing special about you and you're not gung ho for sports or other school activities, they shut you out.
Are you insinuating that I'm lazy ?
Hmmm, they smell heavenly
They ought to be back any minute now.
Not much goes on at your school that I don't find out about sooner or later.
Donna felt a tingle all the way up her arm.
He doesn't socialize much, but I am pretty sure I can talk him into it.
Terrific ! It's going to be a real blast.
Haven't you noticed that he hasn't acted up in school over the past few weeks.
I can't get over spoken used to say that you are very surprised, shocked, or amused by something ) the change in him.
But that's OK. I'll just hand it in late.
My teachers would pitch a fit if I did that.
Having fun is important to me than pulling super grades.
I don't see why not.
I'll join you as soon as I change clothes.
I'd better get a move on.
I really want to ace that physics exam.
Megan, hop in the car, we're going home.
I'll come back for it in a while.
They were perfectly in sync.
A while later they went back outside arm in arm.
They were red-faced and gasping .......
Donna heard something that chilled her to the bone.
That was a pretty shabby trick you pulled.
You sure know how to mess up a party big-time.
I swear I don't know how it got it that way.
... and yet in spite of everything, she couldn't help missing him.
Turning on his heel, he walked away.
Suddenly everything was clear as crystal.
He was every bit as innocent as he said he was.
What have they got to do with it ?
Are you as glad as I am that we were both wrong.
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